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2 Pentagon Police Officers Shot at Metro Station By Gunman John Patrick Bedell

The AP is reporting that…a gunman coolly drew a weapon from his pocket and opened fire at the teeming subway entrance to the Pentagon complex Thursday evening, wounding two police officers before being shot and critically wounded, officials said.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon

John Patrick Bedell is the Pentagon shooting suspect who is accused of opening fire at a pre-screen area outside the metro station leading to the Pentagon. Two police officers were shot, with non-life threatening injuries. The officers were able to return fire and hit Bedell. He was taken to George Washington Hospital in critical condition. The injured officers were also taken to George Washington Hospital.

John Patrick Bedell is currently in critical condition and is currently under arrest as the Pentagon shooting suspect. Fortunately the injured officers are expected to recover fully. John Patrick Bedell is in critical condition, but no motive for the shooting was given, and authorities are still investigating why Bedell opened fire at the Pentagon. Beside the shooter and the officers no other people were injured. All of the entrances to the Pentagon were briefly shut down but were eventually reopened save the Metro Station entrance.(SOURCE)

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=pentagon&iid=8162706″ src=”9/f/6/6/Two_Police_Officers_10d7.jpg?adImageId=10980495&imageId=8162706″ width=”234″ height=”165″ /]

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