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WHY?????….Old, Elderly, Fla. Man Choked,Kicked,Stabbed,Robbed,And Fatally Shot!!!(VIDEO)

The AP is reporting that….Authorities have released surveillance video of 2 men robbing then shooting a 77 year old man as he walked to trash bins outside his home. Police say the suspects had the victim’s jewelry and a gun in their possession when they were arrested.

Why are people so inhumane to each other?…yet another example of mans inhumanity to man, and human brutality….

This man did nothing to deserve this, so these perpetrators deserve whatever they have coming to them, and all the disgrace that comes with that.

I can not blame people for being so mad in the comments on You tube!!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=human+brutality&iid=2002786″ src=”a/5/b/0/Memorial_Held_For_7c51.jpg?adImageId=10965490&imageId=2002786″ width=”234″ height=”373″ /]

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