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Puma Kills 7-year-old Boy in Peru At A Zoo After He Sticks His Hand In The Cage!!!

The AP is reporting on a tragic animal attack that happened in Peru.The case exhibits the need for parental supervision of children while attending a Zoo.I often go to the San Diego and Los Angeles Zoo to sketch the animals, and often I witness children sticking things into the animal cages and pens, while the parents either do not care, or are just not paying any attention.

Inevitably,careless behavior will eventually lead to a tragic accident, if you consider normal wild animal behavior, and accident.The cages are there for a reason, as well as all of the “do not disturb the animal” signs posted all over the park.

A seven-year old boy died in the hospital on Tuesday after being attacked by a puma in a zoo in the Peruvian city of Abancay, medical officials said.

This is as unfortunate of an event as was the Sea World Shamu tragedy that ended the life of trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando, Florida last week, and as in that case, I believe the animal should be spared, because it was only acting in a natural manner, and did not do anything to breach the safety of the humans that were attacked and killed by them.

Both of the deaths are unfortunate, but wild animals are known to be unpredictable, hence the “wild” distinction.

This is why they are in cages and pens, and separated from the public.As in the case of Dawn, an experienced Orca trainer,even with years of experience handling these animals, even a professional can become prey for the animals that they have had a long-standing relationship with.

I believe that zoos are necessary to assist animals species that are in jeopardy of becoming extinct, but I see a need to re-evaluate how they are presented to the public, to ensure the safety of the public….as well as the animals, which are the main attraction.

A Puma in a cage...beware!!!!

A Puma in a cage...beware!!!!

3 Responses to “Puma Kills 7-year-old Boy in Peru At A Zoo After He Sticks His Hand In The Cage!!!”

  1. I feel on this matter the parent should be held liable for their son putting his fingers in a place that they didn’t belong, its like a cookie jar no fingers allowed without permission.. Parents just don’t watch thier children when they are at the zoo they just let them run here and there and oh well..Take control over your kids don’t let them put fingers or hands in cages wild life should be protected at all costs and thats why signs are posted with big fences. I think now would be a good time to place an electric fence between the public and the wildlife, then maybe if kids would get a shock they would learn to keep fingers out of cages..Instead of death, lessons have to be learned for the public to get the picture for they sure are not reading the signs..

  2. I totally believe it is the fault of the zoo to not have a wild animal appropriately barricaded to keep the public safe. A wild animal in a zoo is there to display to the public, the zoo receives payment for this, it is their responsibility to keep people safe. First a child can not read a sign, secondly their brains are too immature to process that they could be injured by this animal they have no concept ability. Parents trust the zookeeper to keep the public safe otherwise the zoo would not be there. Even the tragedy at the San Francisco zoo revealed the walls were not high enough after investigation. Laws should be stricter, inspections should be appropriate, officials dropped the ball regulating this zoo.

  3. that’s not a tragic accident that’s a puma mauling a boy. pumas are born to hunt, and this puma was doing what it does naturally. this is no more tragic than a rabbit getting killed by a puma.

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