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No Charges for Officers in Student Beating Even Though They Did Beat Him@!!!Hmmmm…

The Vietnamese community is getting to experience how it feels to be mistreated by the police,and how powerless it makes you feel to witness a child that looks like one of our own, get viscously beaten by the police.

The September 3, 2009 arrest of 21-year-old Phuong Ho, a vietnamese student and a math major, was captured on cell phone video. It showed police striking Ho with batons 13-14 times and using a Taser on him.

And, after an exhaustive four month investigation, prosecutors have decided not to file charges against the four officers involved in the incident.

The arrest angered the city’s large Vietnamese-American community, which was already upset over the fatal police shooting of a mentally ill Vietnamese man in May.

When officers arrived at his home,Phuong Ho was uncooperative and unwilling to follow orders and when officers tried to restrain him he twisted away.

That’s when the police unnecessarily and unmercillessly began to shoot him with a powerful electric taser stun gun!

The Taser was used in ‘drive stun mode’, which is intended to cause pain but does not fire darts into the target.

Ho later told police he did not feel any pain from the Taser, but instead felt ‘energised’ like he had been drinking an energy drink.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=police+beating&iid=4886457″ src=”0/8/9/2/FILE_PHOTO_919e.jpg?adImageId=10960571&imageId=4886457″ width=”234″ height=”173″ /]District Attorney Dolores Carr said the use of the Taser did not appear to affect Ho, who is from Ho Chi Minh City, and that …’A jury hearing criminal charges against these officers would likely conclude that the force used here – 13 baton strikes in 45 seconds – was reasonable under the circumstances…’

I guess Mrs Carr thinks that Asians are invincible!!!…because that is excessive punishment for ANY HUMAN BEING!!!

Phuong Ho’s actions were the result of a miscommunication with the officers over whether they had permission to go into his room,which they did not.What they did was illegally enter a private residence,and began to illegally search and seize Phuong Ho, which is a violation of his Constitutional rights.

Phuong Ho,is a student at California State University in San Jose, California.

An internal affairs investigation will now be held to determine whether the police officers complied with department rules regarding force, which is a sham investigation staged for the media, and no actually wrongdoing or punishment is expected to be handed out to the offending officers, by their fellow officers conducting the investigation.

In light of the history of violence that the police have committed against society, I always recommend to people to just co-operate with them when they show up, because the have guns, and have a free liscence to kill you, even if you have not done anything to warrant their death penalty!!!…you will get ssummarily executed by the cops,..and they will get away with it.

They will probably get a raise and and a promotion when they victimize the public, so you must consider that.

Yet another example of the boys in blue upholding the thin blue line, in order to terrorize the minority communities throughout America.

Phuong Ho is the Vietnamese Rodney King!!!!!No justice...No peace!!!!

Phuong Ho is the Vietnamese Rodney King!!!!!No justice...No peace!!!!


The Associated Press


2 Responses to “No Charges for Officers in Student Beating Even Though They Did Beat Him@!!!Hmmmm…”

  1. Hi I think the cops that did the beating need to be placed without a pay check for about 6 weeks to give them time to think about what they did..Most Judges just don’t care enough anymore for they see and hear so much that they just push your rights aside so I think so that these Judges need a long holiday without pay.. But then again our man in office has given the right for our cops to be nasty(Jerrybrice…For the record, this part of this comment is all a lie as well as the rest of this idiocy, and President Obama has never ordered the police to do was the Republican neocons that legislated the violation of our citizens personal rights) which they can come into your home and make an arrest with out permission to do so. Our land of the free has come and going because we are all to blind to see that our gov is herding us in to a large pen with a locked gate and then they will be in total control over all..Just like Hiltar did yrs ago only one man to run the world and others to take orders..Wake up America our necks are on the line soon freedom of choice will be gone soon freedom of speech will be gone, for most of you young folks wanted change well you won’t like the change once that locked gate is around you and our gov tells you what to do everyday.

  2. Yeah…those damn Republican facist are definitely our main threat to freedom…I mean, they created the Patriot Act, and all the wiretapping of the citizens…so I agree.Hiel Hitler!!!!
    We really need to abolish the Republican Nazi’s,teabaggers,and all the KKKonservatives hiding under those hoods acting like HITLER.

    Our freedom and democracy is truly in danger as long as we allow the virus of the Republican neocon facists terrorist to survive in our dear nation.
    President Obama is our only hope to save us from you all…you are all ruining our country, and we want it back from you extremist haters of freedom,and the American way.

    …but, all things considered, i value your opinion, eve though it is urn-American!

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