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Attack of the Rouge Wave!!!!

Beware of the attack of the…Rouge Wave!!!!

Two passengers were killed aboard the Louis Majesty, a 1.790 passenger cruise ship on its way to Genoa, Italy, when three nearly 30 foot rogue waves swept over the ship Wednesday.  The cruise line reported that the series of “abnormal” waves hit the ship and smashed out windows as high as deck 5, flooding numerous cabins, and injuring over a dozen other passengers.

Cruise line spokesman Michael Maratheftis said that the passengers were being flown home from Barcelona, Spain (where the trip had originated),  Thursday at the expense of Louis Cruise Lines.

The Louis Majesty was off the coast of Spain when the rogue waves hit.  “The next cruise has been canceled,” Maratheftis said. The vessel is due to resume cruises on March 14, he said, after repairs were effected in Barcelona.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=cruise+ship+greece&iid=3440570″ src=”9/6/5/b/Cruise_Ship_Suffering_8acb.jpg?adImageId=10968527&imageId=3440570″ width=”234″ height=”153″ /]




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  1. Wow! That video is inTENSE! Thanks for posting it.

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