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Sex Offender John Albert Gardner Arrested In The Disappearance Of Chelsea King…May Also Be Linked To The Amber DuBois Disappearance…

17-year-old Poway High senior Chelsea King has been missing since Thursday, when she did not return home from a run at Rancho Bernardo Community Park.Her car,a BMW, was found at the park, with her cell phone and Ipod and other valuables inside.

Her father Brent King found the car abandoned at the park, and alerted officials.

The entire community of San Diego is praying for her safe return, and hundreds of citizens and law enforcement officials are actively searching local lakes Hodges,and rural areas for signs of Chelsea.

Today, authorities report that physical evidence has led to the arrest of prime suspect John Albert Gardner III, 30, of Lake Elsinore,California.

He is said to have an unnatural attraction to underage female children,yet was out on parole to prey on them!

Gardner is a registered sex offender,and is listed on the Megan’s Law Web site, which indicates he lives in Lake Elsinore and committed lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 years old. Gore said investigators searched Gardner’s Lake Elsinore home and other addresses prior to arresting him.He served time for that 2000 crime in State prison.

One of those addresses searched was a townhouse on Matinal Road near West Bernardo Drive, where Gardner was staying with his parents. The townhouse is about a mile from the park where Chelsea likes to run.

Gore said there was “a strong possibility” Gardner may be connected to an attack on a female jogger at the same park on Dec. 27.(SOURCE)

Upon hearing news of the arrest, the parent’s of Chelsea King, Kelly and Brent King issued this statement….

“Nothing will change for us until our beautiful daughter, Chelsea King, comes home. We will continue searching for her, and we ask that all of you do the same until she’s back with us. She is an extraordinary daughter and also someone who is committed to her community. She has huge dreams and wants to change the world. Hundreds of people are working alongside us to make sure she has that chance, and we are deeply grateful. She and our entire family need your help now for Chelsea’s safe return. We thank law enforcement for pursuing all avenues to bring this situation to an expedient, positive outcome. We will be posting regular updates from our family on Facebook page: Chelsea King Search Center.”

Kelly & Brent King, and family

The family has set-up a website to distribute information and to mobilise the community as the search for Chelsea continues.The site is called Help Find Chelsea King.

Amber Dubois is still missing...possible suspect under investigation.

Amber Dubois is still missing...possible suspect under investigation.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said there was “a strong possibility” Gardner may be connected to an attack on a female jogger at the same park on Dec. 27, and he said that authorities were also investigating whether Gardner was connected to the disappearance of Amber Dubois, who was last seen walking to Escondido High School just over a year ago.

Dubois, who was 14 at the time, has not been found. Dubois’ last known location near Escondido High School is just six minutes from an address connected to John Gardner.(SOURCE)

Paul Levikow, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, said Gardner was scheduled to be arraigned in a downtown San Diego courtroom Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of murder and rape in connection with the disappearance of Chelsea King.

Let us all around the country hope for the safe return of Chelsea,and pray that this child rapist and killer did not get to harm her.

If he did kill her….we should all strive to force law enforcement to come up with a more effective plan to keep KNOWN child molesters off the streets, and out of society to hunt, rape, and kill our children!!!

It is typical behavior for these predators to escalate their crimes from rape, to murder and rape, after they have been incarcerated for a child molestation crime…and set free with limited supervision by the authorities.

All they do is hunt for prey…our children, at local parks,beaches,and public school yards.

The reality here is that there is no rehabilitation process that has ever cured a child molester of raping, sodomizing, torturing and murdering our children….if this is the level of sickness that it takes to sexually satisfy these social deviants.

Save the children,and get rid of all child molesters, and killers…NOW!!!!

Help Find Chelsea King

Help Find Chelsea King

Chelsea King
Age 17
5’5, 115 pounds
Blond Hair, Blue eyes
Senior at Poway High School
Honor Student, straight A’s
Peer counseling
Cross Country Runner
Clean Up San Diego Volunteer
Tutor to San Diego Youth

Thank you, Stephanie Dorian (646) 344-9351 (SOURCE)

Follow the full story here….

LA TIMES Video Video

ABC News Blog


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