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Shocking Shamu Attack Video Surfaces From The Sea World Death Tragedy!!!…Should The Media Show It?!?(VIDEO)

A shocking amateur video has surfaced today showing the last 7 minutes of long time SeaWorld Killer Whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was tragically killed this week by rouge captive whale, named Tilikum.

The  amateur video, shot by tourist Todd Connell during a visit to the park with his wife and son for the boy’s 10th birthday, shows the trainer who died, feeding and playing with the orca, Tilikum. Mr. Connell explained to WESH, a Orlando television news broadcaster, that he had just turned off his camera after filming Ms. Brancheau in the water right in front of the orca when the 12,300-pound orca yanked the trainer under the water by her ponytail!!!

Dawn Brancheau was pronounced dead at the scene, and all the killer whale shows at all the SeaWorld parks around the country were closed indefinitely.

Reports are coming out today from SeaWorld management stating that …they plan to resume shows featuring orcas soon but trainers will not be allowed into the water with the animals…..(SOURCE)

The show will go on starting this Saturday.

Tillikum, the 12,000 pound whale that grabbed trainer,will not be punished or destroyed.

My concern is over the medias rush to exploit this young lady’s death.

My question is…should the media show Dawn’s last moments, or, out of respect for the family,should we stop showing it?[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=nodar&iid=7930887″ src=”8/c/f/5/Luge_Hopeful_Nodar_ceac.jpg?adImageId=10764902&imageId=7930887″ width=”234″ height=”365″ /]

In the wake of the tragic death of Georgian Luge racer, Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, who died after slamming into a steel pole on the luge course hours before the opening ceremony. He lost control of his sled during a training run, shot off course and slammed into a trackside steel pole at nearly 90 the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Many news outlets refused to play the death footage out of respect for the family,and those that chose to run it, received much criticism from the viewing public.(Source)

Some have called it ‘DEATH PORN’.

I think that the deaths of these two fine individuals should not be exploited, but in today’s visual, multimedia,internet world….it will undoubtedly be widely distributed and viewed, and when it ultimately is shown, hopefully many in the responsible media will present it with the dignity and respect that the deceased individuals deserve.

R.I.P. Dawn Brancheau…..

Ttrainer Dawn Brancheau killed at SeaWorld by Killer Whale Tillikum

Trainer Dawn Brancheau killed at SeaWorld by Killer Whale Tillikum

One Response to “Shocking Shamu Attack Video Surfaces From The Sea World Death Tragedy!!!…Should The Media Show It?!?(VIDEO)”

  1. The funeral was yesterday, so now hopefully the Sea World family can get things going back the way they were. I would like to believe that Dawn would have wanted everyone to move forward. Still very tragic.

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