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Shamu Kills Female Trainer At Sea World In Orlando,Florida!!!!

BREAKING NEWS- A female killer whale trainer has been tragically killed at Sea World in Orlando, Florida today.The deceased trainer had worked with the whales at Sea World since 1992.

The spokesman, John Mulhall, said the trainer was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shamu The Killer Whale And A Female Trainer

Shamu The Killer Whale And A Female Trainer

The incident did not occur during a performance, said a spokeswoman for SeaWorld, who added that more information was to be released soon

The LA TIMES is reporting….Neither SeaWorld, rescue personnel or the Sheriff’s Office are confirming the identity of the employee, although a local TV station is reporting that a female employee was killed after she was grabbed by one of the theme park’s whales at the start of a public show.

Park guest Victoria Biniak told Local 6 that the trainer was a veteran of SeaWorld and had just finished explaining to the audience the show they were about to see.

At that point, Biniak said, the whale came up from the water and grabbed the woman.

“He was thrashing her around pretty good. It was violent,'” Biniak told Local 6.

The whale “took off really fast in the tank, and then he came back, shot up in the air, grabbed the trainer by the waist and started thrashing around, and one of her shoes flew off.”

She said sirens went off and everyone was forced to leave the stadium.(SOURCE)

Orange County Fire Rescue spokesman John Mulhall said paramedics were called to the Shamu Stadium at the theme park resort where they found a worker who could not be revived.

The whale involved in today’s incident, has been involved in the deaths of two people before today’s death.The whale — a 30-year-old, 12,300-pound male orca  is called Tillikum ,and does not typically have a trainer in its tank because it is too large.

The Humane Society is reporting that… in 1991, the whale, “along with two female whales, drowned a young part-time trainer named Keltie Byrne at Sealand of the Pacific in Canada,” the HSUS stated…. and in 1999, “a man who had apparently stayed in the park after closing hours jumped into Tillikum’s tank … He was found dead the next morning, naked and draped across the whale. The man’s swim trunks were found in the water, and his body was scraped up, a sign that Tillikum had dragged him around the bottom and sides of the tank.”(MSNBC)

There have been 22 incidents involving the whales at Sea World since the 70s, and Orcas are called Killer Whales,because they are skillful

Shamu Eating From Trainers Hands At Sea World Orlando,Florida

Shamu Eating From Trainers Hands At Sea World Orlando,Florida


For more information on Shamu at Sea World click on this link.

Personally, I have witnessed Orca’s stalk and kill a grey whale pup in the ocean, and after witnessing their violent coordinated attack, it gave me a more realistic point-of-view on the reality of the “killer” in the whale.

They are not stuffed animal pets,yet wild and aggressive predators, that should not be incarcerated, or forced to perform circus tricks.

I enjoy Sea World, and I acknowledge all the profound research they perform,but ,all tinges considered,I do not support captive animals being forced to perform unnatural actions for human entertainment. Hopefully, we can witness these animals without the circus act,possibly…

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Check for updates here and at these trusted sources…



3 Responses to “Shamu Kills Female Trainer At Sea World In Orlando,Florida!!!!”

  1. You gotta expect this to happen eventually, they are called KILLER whales for a reason!

  2. Pesonally i dont think shamu is to blame he is a KILLER WHALE i think the trainers should be more aware of where they are at or how shamu has been feeling.

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