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“Pedophile- Pediatrician” Dr. Earl Bradley Accused of Molesting More Than 100 Kids….And Videotaping Them In The Act!!!

A Delaware grand jury returned a sweeping indictment Monday against a pediatrician accused of serial child molestation, and investigators in Delaware are urging victims and their families to come forward.

The Pedophiles Haven Was His Doctors Office

The Pedophiles Haven Was His Doctors Office

The AP and various news outlets are reporting that …The indictment returned by a Sussex County grand jury charges Dr. Earl Bradley of Lewes with more than 400 counts of criminal conduct. More details about the charges were to be released at an afternoon news conference. (SOURCE)

Bradley was arrested in December and initially charged with 29 felony counts for allegedly abusing nine children, but state prosecutors have said there could be as many as 100 victims.

Investigators have said Bradley videotaped some of the attacks with which he is charged, some of which occurred in exam rooms decorated with Disney themes!!!!

Some alleged victims were no more than 6 months old. Bradley is being held with bail set at $2.9 million. His medical license was permanently revoked by the State Board of Medical Practice last week.

Dr Bradley is considered to be one of the world’s worst pedophiles ever, and the “Pedophile- Pediatrician” should be permanently taken out of society, and I am certain that the inmates will put him out of his misery.

The lesson for parents here is this...DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE WITH A PEDIATRICIAN!!!!!!NEVER!!!!!!!

Comment and let  me know what you think should happen to this Pedophile Pediatrician….

Pedophile Pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley...Molested Over 100 Babies!!!

Pedophile Pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley...Molested Over 100 Babies!!!

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5 Responses to ““Pedophile- Pediatrician” Dr. Earl Bradley Accused of Molesting More Than 100 Kids….And Videotaping Them In The Act!!!”

  1. This story is extremely disturbing, as are the tags you chose for it, haha. “young pussy?” “tiny titties?” lol. I assume you have a program that creates all of these to generate traffic, but still, it’s kind of funny.

    • Wow!!!!..i just saw those tags!!!!
      Thanks for pointing that out David…i don’t know if I need that kind of traffic on my site.
      It’s a word association program that creates words based on some I choose..just trying to build more views.
      That’s kind of twisted though..HA.
      I will delete them…

  2. Hi if I had my way all those that hurt kids in such a manner would be hung no jury just a tree and a rope, these kinds of people you cannot change they are who they are and in prison most other prisoners don’t do much to them unless they are a lifer meaning they are to never get out then they might hurt or kill them for that. But since i live in prison town and have family that works for the system I know how things are run.. So by placing this individual in the pen is way to good for the likes of him and other’s I mean why do we as a tax payer have to keep feeding them? They will get good medical care, clothing a place to sleep thats way to good lets hang them all… Terri

  3. Hi again I don’t think the words of the childrens body parts should be spoken like an open book its bad business to be so frank about it. I don’t like to read stuff like that… Terri

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