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Snowboarder Scotty Lago’s Olympic Picture Controversy…What’s This All About!?!

Scotty Lago Celebrating His Silver Medal With An Admiring Fan (

Scotty Lago Celebrating His Silver Medal With An Admiring Fan...Boys Will Be Boys... (

America must be starving for another non-controversy, or I must be missing something…but Olympic Bronze medalist Scotty Lago has inadvertently become the center of attention, most of it bad,just because of these innocent celebratory pictures posted above, courtesy of

The AP is reporting that American half-pipe bronze medalist Scotty Lago is heading home from the Olympics after what some are calling “risqué” pictures of him showed up on the Internet celebrating with a fetching admiring fan,kissing his bronze medal.

Some in the Olympic committee took offense to where and how the fan kissed the medal,but that ,from my opinion is a product of their own sick minds for their sexual perceptions of this moment.

All I see is a typical man and women engrossed in celebration!!!

This is the type of innocent fun that happens when one succeeds, and wins a prestigious award for his country.It is an American tradition for many years, and it is one that I support.

What has happened to our society??? We punish innocent behavior like this..a girl kissing, and albeit, fondling another consenting adult, an Olympic hero, but do absolutely NOTHING when the celebration is a racist gathering, like this past week’s  “Compton Cookout” at the La Jolla based University of San Diego-California!!!

Leave Scotty alone!!!...and let’s deal with some real moral issues that can actually damage our cultural fabric here in the states, because this isn’t one of them.I support Scotty Lago,snowboarding in general(although I have never done it,but my son loves to do it!!!)… and young people having a good time with each other. Especially if they are consenting adults.

What I got out of the picture is that Scotty is a person that celebrates diversity and unity…and probably likes to have a good time.

Scotty Lago is a champion snowboarder, so that seems like it may go with the territory, but I would not like to stereotype snow boarders like that.I am pretty sure they all have their own special way to party, and that is all good! I wish I could hang out with Scotty…looks like a lot of fun to be had.

So what he let a cute girl kiss his bronze medal…so what???

A WWII Classic Risque Kiss!!!...Leave Scotty Lago Alone!!!!

A WWII Classic Risque Kiss!!!...Leave Scotty Lago Alone!!!!

Back in the days of World War II, a picture similar to these, won a Pulitzer Prize, and has been celebrated as a masterpiece for half a century…

…so what has happened to our society since that time?

I think that it is legitimate to counsel our youth on what is appropriate behavior and what is not, but we also have to realize that if the behavior is not insulting or degrading to any one, which this kiss is not…then our advice will not be taken seriously.

I just do not get it….boys will be boys!

Leave Scotty alone...but shut down the “Compton Cookout’, and  mainly the sentiment that would allow a young person in college to feel the need or entitlement to hold a celebration that degrades and demeans the African-American citizens of the United States.

If I am wrong about this,let me know!!!Straighten me out and leave me a comment to think about!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=scotty+lago&iid=8019511″ src=”8/7/a/8/US_Olympians_at_43c9.jpg?adImageId=10586870&imageId=8019511″ width=”234″ height=”279″ /]

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One Response to “Snowboarder Scotty Lago’s Olympic Picture Controversy…What’s This All About!?!”

  1. i agree. Americans freak out about minor issues like these, propagating a backwards effect. we aren’t really cultivating a society of progress at all, but knocking ourselves down by raping and bludgeoning Ethics for the sake of controlling each other. and yet when it comes to things that should matter to everyone involved, we turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear, and shout at those that try to shake us awake to what’s really happening.
    but what else is new?

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