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Tiger Woods Sincere Apology….(VIDEO)

Tiger Woods felt compelled to deliver a public apology to his wife,children, friends and family…but what I am certain of, is that this was mainly focused on reviving his billion dollar business.

I thoroughly understand, and agree with that practical matter.

Many observers are complaining in the media that he was insincere because he was reading a prepared statement, and did not cry for the cameras.

How ridiculous!!!!..that did not work out so well for that Governor of South Carolina!!!

Tiger is in a no win situation, so for some in the public, short of his death or banishment from society,nothing he can say or do will be enough punishment for them, and I have to wonder why anyone outside of his marriage would be so concerned about his demise from this mistake…or several mistakes.

Other’s in the public, feel that he owes us nothing but a good round of golf![picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=tiger+woods&iid=8011726″ src=”d/8/2/f/Tiger_Woods_Makes_b0a0.jpg?adImageId=10503366&imageId=8011726″ width=”234″ height=”282″ /]

I think that he owes his wife and children an apology, and a paradigm shift in behavior from him, but that is their personal business.He mainly owes his business partners an apology for making a private matter a problem for their business dealings, and that is unacceptable…but an athlete at the level of Tiger Woods can eventually overcome this as well.

My feeling is that the only people in this whole sordid affair that owe the public and his family an apology are the mistresses that have exploited their scandalousness for their own personal and financial gain!!!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=tiger+woods&iid=8013783″ src=”9/6/2/c/Gloria_Allred_Tiger_37af.jpg?adImageId=10503515&imageId=8013783″ width=”234″ height=”264″ /]Each and every one of those mistresses owe Elin a heartfelt apology…and all of them need to go to sex,prostitute,call-girl,and porn star rehab….and take Gloria Allred with you.

I wish Tiger and his family the best, and look forward to his return to professional golf…a lot of these people judging him have their own marital problems they need to worry about!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tiger+woods&iid=8011628″ src=”f/d/2/4/Tiger_Woods_delivers_341c.jpg?adImageId=10503391&imageId=8011628″ width=”234″ height=”168″ /]

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tiger+woods&iid=8011622″ src=”0/4/a/d/Tiger_Woods_delivers_0df3.jpg?adImageId=10503389&imageId=8011622″ width=”234″ height=”290″ /]

What do you think…and why do you care?…let me know…

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