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Austin,Texas Plane Crash Act Of Domestic Terrorism Against The I.R.S.!!!!

Police in Austin, Texas, say the crash of a small plane into a building that houses the IRS is an isolated incident and not an act of terrorism…

…even though it appears to meet all the criteria to be defined as an act of Domestic Terrorism!!!

From all reports in the media, Joseph Andrew Stack,53, was in debt to the I.R.S.,…he did not like it, so he violently and physically lashed out at them by flying his airplane into one of their buildings.

In this case, the I.R.S. building in Austin ,Texas. The pilot was killed. Two people were hospitalized, and one person was still unaccounted for on Thursday afternoon.(SOURCE)

Piper Cherokee 150...Terrorist weapon of mass destruction on Austin IRS

Piper Cherokee 150...Terrorist weapon of mass destruction on Austin IRS

Stack also set his own house on fire before he left to fly the plane into the I.R.S. government building.

He left a rambling suicide note and posting on his website.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell downplayed any possible terrorism links to the crash.

“It is an isolated incident,” the mayor said. “The people of Austin, the people of the nation, are in no danger whatsoever.”(CNN)

Why isn’t it an act of terrorism??? it because Stack is not Islamic and does not fit the media’s visual description of what they are trying to label as a terrorist,…or what?

911 Terrorist Attack

911 Terrorist Attack

Because it obviously IS an act of domestic terrorism.

It was definitely a suicide attack.

Domestic terrorism involves groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are directed at our government or people in US without foreign direction.(SOURCE)

Call it what it is, and label the act…not the race of the perpetrator or religion, in defining who is a terrorist or not.

Would we feel differently if Joseph Andrew Stack was found to be Joseph Andrew Abdullah Muhammad Stack???

I find it to be an embarrassing double standard here against terrorist acts by islamic people versus terrorist acts by American white  people, like Joseph Andrew Stack,and it is an unfair bias that is practiced throughout the western media.

Think about it and leave me your comments….

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=irs+building&iid=2128741″ src=”b/f/f/5/Last_Minute_Tax_6228.jpg?adImageId=10461331&imageId=2128741″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

UPDATE: is reporting that…Authorities said Thursday that 13 people were hurt – two critically – after Stack deliberately flew a small plane into a building where the Internal Revenue Service had about 200 workers.(CBS)



Time Magazine

5 Responses to “Austin,Texas Plane Crash Act Of Domestic Terrorism Against The I.R.S.!!!!”

  1. they could just as likely be downplaying the incident to prevent copycats from getting ideas. this post is quite a stretch. if you wanted conspiracy, I think the bigger elephant in the room is that the I.R.S. is technically an illegal institution that has a LOT of enemies and a lot of power and influence in government and law enforcement and would rather downplay acts of violence against it than advertise it.

    • You say my post is …”Quite a stretch”…but what sticks out about your comment is the FACT that you do not cite any instances in my post that would make it a stretch?..
      That’s easy to say…but impossible to prove.

      Back to my content…because we have no basis to determine if the reporting of the truth will cause anyone to be a copycat…that whimsical at best!

      I never mentioned any wanting for a “conspiracy”…but, back to my original question…If the actions follow the definition of domestic terrorism, then why not call it that, because when it is a person that practices Islam, or a brown person from the middle east or Africa, the media does not hesitate to label it as an act of terrorism!!!..that is my only point, and it is the question being offered here.

      Is it because he was white?

      And is there an agenda by the media to brand all terrorist acts as actions perpetrated soley by Islamic and middle easterners, who are brown and black?
      Double standard, insensitivity, racism…cultural bias, organized bigotry? what…

      …because this was by definition an act of domestic terrorism.

      (..looks like I did suggest a media conspiracy, if I acknowledge an collective ‘agenda.) Thanks for the comment…

  2. If you don’t think that the teabag phenomenon and this act are NOT related, you are delusional…PEACE.

  3. Oops, double negative, cancelled out my premise. I meant that IF you think the teabaggers and this act weren’t related, you are fooling yourself. My eights grade English teacher, Mrs. Sweet, is revolving in her grave right now…PEACE.

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