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Sarah Palin Slams ‘Family Guy’ Producers Over Using The “R” Word….

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slammed the producers of the TV show “Family Guy” over a joke by a character with Down Syndrome….

…Bad cartoon!!!…just kidding!![picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=family+guy&iid=7375080″ src=”5/5/6/b/Family_Guy_Something_192b.jpg?adImageId=10384053&imageId=7375080″ width=”234″ height=”364″ /]

I like “Family Guy”, it’s a very entertaining show,and one of my former animation students, Dave Sherburne, is an assistant Director on the series,and he is on the fast track to the directors chair,I am certain!!!

The humor of the series is adult and controversial at times, but the gags are always tongue in cheek.

I think Sarah Palin may be pressing this point too much, but…whatever.She must not be aware of the fact that her major political supporter, Rupert Murdoch,the financial leader of the Republican party, makes millions upon millions of dollars to bankroll his Neocon political agenda from this cartoon, which is a big financial and ratings leader on his Fox network television conglomerate.

If she did not know it when she slammed his show “Family Guy”..I am pretty sure that she got the word by now!

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=rupert+murdoch&iid=7172607″ src=”b/1/1/d/Rupert_Murdoch_speaks_e2f6.JPG?adImageId=10383883&imageId=7172607″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]…Expect her to backtrack and double talk her way out of this, just like she did a few weeks ago, when Rush Limbaugh used the “R” word several times on his show, and she declared that Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word was fine….but Rahm Emanuel and everybody else in the Democratic party should be tarred and feathered for their use of the “R” word, because she has a mentally handicapped son.

Oh well…what can you expect from a fake and phony Republican???

Let me know if you are offended by Rupert Murdoch’s financial support for “Family Guy” to use the “R” word….and don’t you think that Sarah should not accept any more money from him or his companies, because he essentially paid for the cartoon to use the word???

Isn’t she a hypocrite?

..will Sarah censor our T.V. programs?…do we want that?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=sarah+palin&iid=7855906″ src=”c/a/3/5/Palin_addresses_the_b1ce.JPG?adImageId=10383973&imageId=7855906″ width=”234″ height=”188″ /]

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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin Slams ‘Family Guy’ Producers Over Using The “R” Word….”

  1. I got to disagree with one point. IMO She will not back track over her family guy comments. Family Guys is not the king maker of the repub/cons. And I don’t think Fox really cares, any publicity is good publicity. I am not sure how much of Palin’s cult watches it anyway.

    But what really kills me about this whole mess is that it really wasn’t so much Sarah that took point on attacking Family Guy. NO she put her 19-year-old single mother daughter out on point…

    How sick is that? And Why is the Press helping her hide behind her kid with out calling her on it ?

    • I see your point, but I remember a few months ago when Rupert Murdoch stated to the media that he was responsible for everything that Glen Beck,Hannity etc….says on his Fox News network.
      He was referring to the ..Obama is a racist…Hitler..socialist…communist, and a Fascist blah,blah,blah rants and lies, so I believe he will be consistent here.
      He probably makes more money off of “Family Guy” than on Palin, and his interest is soley on his money, and his own personal agendas.I mean, he “TIGER-WOODED'” his wife, dissed some of their children, to run off with his mistress, a younger woman.

      I do believe you bring up a good point though that I did not consider, an that is the fact that any publicity is good publicity, and yeah…she is pushing the pregnant daughter out in front of the media.
      I checked…and I found out that on the Oprah show, she announced that her daughter Bristol will be opening up a public relations firm…even though she HAS NOT COMPLETED COLLEGE!!!!
      This ridiculousness must be stopped!!!
      …Thanks for the comment.

  2. Her cousin, Harlow Waite Gage, the vice president of General Motors is not going to like this.

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