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Mentally Disabled Woman, Jennifer Daugherty,30,Tortured To Death By 6 Inhuman Killers

The AP is reporting one of the most heinous and extremely cruel murders of an innocent, fun-loving, and very trusting mentally disabled young woman by six people whom she considered her friends.

Police have charged six people in the death of a woman whose horrifically tortured body was found in a garbage container in a school parking lot in Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Daugherty,30,was reportedly fed vegetable oil, spices, detergent, urine and medications, then forced to write a suicide note, stabbed to death, wrapped in plastic, put in a garbage can and dumped in a school parking lot, police and relatives said Friday as six people were charged.

The head of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty had been shaved, and she had been bound with Christmas decorations and clothing; she also was hit with a towel rack, vacuum cleaner hose and a crutch, according to an affidavit.(SOURCE)

Jennifer was last seen Monday by her stepfather, Bobby Murphy, when he put her on the bus to Greensburg, where she had a dental appointment and a scheduled meeting with a counselor. She called later that day to ask permission to stay at “Peggy’s” house.

This” sleep over” proved to be fatal.

The 6 cowardly killers of Jeniffer Daugherty...Let's give them all the Death Penalty!!!!

The 6 cowardly killers of Jennifer Daugherty...Let's give them all the Death Penalty!!!!

Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, of Mount Pleasant Township was charged along with Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36, Ricky Smyrnes, 23, Melvin Knight, 20, Amber Meidinger, 20, all of Greensburg. A 17-year-old girl from Greensburg was also charged. All are currently held without bond at Westmoreland County prison.

Ms. Daugherty’s family said at a press conference this afternoon that she had a mental disability that made her friendly and trusting, and she unknowingly walked into harm’s way.

“She was exploited,” said Ms. Daugherty’s older sister, Joy Burkholder. “Her kindness and her handicap made her very, very vulnerable. She trusted anybody. If you met her today she would be your best friend for life.”

“She believed everyone was good and no one would hurt her.”

Daugherty was involved in a relationship with Smyrnes and knew some of the other suspects.

In statements to police, suspects indicated that jealousy may have been a cause, authorities said. They would not elaborate about the source of the jealousy.

Whatever the rationale may have been for the killing,I am sure it is as crazy as the torture and malicious killing of poor Jennifer, and I have to wonder out loud, why on earth would her family allow their loved one that ‘they’ describe as being ‘mentally disabled” to travel around the city and to stay with suspicious people unsupervised!

No one is to blame for her death- other than the 6 admitted killers, but really…why allow a mentally disabled person to travel around so freely? A person has to have the ability to weed out the good people from the bad ones, and that is hard enough for those of us that have all of our mental abilities.

Holding back tears yesterday, Joy Burkholder, 31, said her sister, a 1998 graduate of Connellsville Area High School, loved life and people. She enjoyed music, college football and playing with her nieces and nephews.

“She trusted anybody,” said Burkholder, whose husband, Lance, stood at her side. “If you met her today, you had a friend for life. … She thought everybody was good and nobody would hurt her.”

She expressed anger for those accused, but said they, too, have families who care about them.(SOURCE)

Ironically, On Jan. 26, Daugherty posted a message on her MySpace page: “This is my time to make a new start for myself, and making new friends and not being afraid of anything….

Unfortunetly,these 6 killers who fooled her into believing they were her trusting and loving friends, never gave her that chance…

May she rest in peace.

Jennifer Daugherty...A beautiful spirit, snuffed out much too soon,and rather viscously

Jennifer Daugherty...A beautiful spirit, snuffed out much too soon,and rather viciously

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

3 Responses to “Mentally Disabled Woman, Jennifer Daugherty,30,Tortured To Death By 6 Inhuman Killers”

  1. Hi I think these 6 people that took a life should get the same treatment that they gave Ms. Daugherty, they shouldn’t get life in prison but death right now no if’s no butts. They should not be allowed to live in any of the prisons we have for killers why feed them.. I say let them go to the Gallows off with their heads, set example for all the other killers that pray on the mentally disabled. If I was a judge that handled this case they would die now and not wait out their time in a cell.

  2. Hi again just one more thing Ms Daugherty will not rest in peace until her killers are dead too..Shame on them for not having a heart or soul.. I wish I was picked for the jury come court day..

  3. Hi there out of the 6 people i knew knight really good he is the father of my kids I didn’t know anything about what he did to ms Daughter tell last night I’m sorry for what happened I never thought the father of my kids would ever go so low and do this.Now i would have 2 tell his 4yr old daughter about her daddy is gone n his 3yr old son I been telling them both that daddy been working all the time and way 2 busy 2 see them and i hate lieing but that is the best 2 do but how i feel all 6 of them should die the same way the did 2 ms daugherty

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