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Lil Wayne Goes To Prison Today For A Year

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The Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is due to be sentenced this afternoon after pleading guilty in a gun possession case. His plea deal calls for a year in jail, though good behavior could shave that to as little as eight months.(SOURCE)

He’s likely to start serving his sentence immediately, making him the latest in a string of rap stars to do time after topping the charts.

The hard-working rapper will spend the next twelve months in the New York City jail, not the state penitentiary, just like Foxy Brown and Remy Ma, before she was transferred to the State Pen after her attempted murder conviction.

In the aftermath of Lil Wayne’s incarceration in New York, his Houston,Texas-based label, Cash Money Records, is moving their whole operation to New York, so that Birdman, the labels CEO and Wayne’s self-appointed “daddy”, can visit Wayne, his son, each week.(SOURCE)

Lil Wayne goes to jail...

Lil Wayne goes to jail...

Remy Ma is now serving an eight-year sentence in state prison for that conviction.

Lil Wayne, 27, pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, admitting he illegally had a loaded .40-calibre semiautomatic gun on his tour bus in July 2007. Police found the weapon when they stopped the bus after a Manhattan concert.

His latest album, “Rebirth,” was officially released Feb. 2.

Early this morning, during his last hours as a free man, Wayne took to Ustream with the help of Lil Twist to say a final goodbye to his fans with a homemade video log. Within a few minutes of logging on, hundreds of fans were already waiting on word from the mad rapper.

Within minutes of starting the broadcast,thousands of fans were already waiting to hear what Lil Wayne had to sy before he gets locked up.

Here is a link to the Lil Wayne’s farewell appearance on Lil Twist UStream Channel.

“This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody can tell me what that’s like,”…..”I just say I’m looking forward to it.”stated Lil Wayne to Rolling Stone magazine.

His last message to fans was nothing but love. “To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really, really truly love you,” he said. “I love you with all of me, for real.

I am pretty sure that Lil Wayne’s music will keep up popularity throughout the year, even in Wayne’s absence from appearing live in public,and he will probably be in protective custody while in jail, because of his celebrity,so he will be safe.

Good luck Lil Wayne, and write some more rhymes while you are away!!!!

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Rolling Stone

One Response to “Lil Wayne Goes To Prison Today For A Year”

  1. UPDATE… is reporting that due to some dental surgery that Lil Wayne has scheduled for next week, he will not be locked up until march 2nd…
    …the Tooth Fairy came through for Weezy!!!

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