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Randy Couture Taps Out Mark Coleman In Second Round At UFC 109!!!

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UFC’s ageless hero, Randy Couture choked out the game veteran fighter and the original UFC heavyweight champion, Mark Coleman in 69 seconds into Round 2 bringing to an abrupt ending for the main event at tonight’s UFC 109 Pay-Per-View event!!!

The action started off immediately as Randy Couture scored with his striking in the first round, driving Coleman back to the fence and hurting him with upper cuts from the clinch. It was a good round for Couture, a 3-1 favorite.

Coleman,45, had the fight beat out of him in round 1, and the ending was inevitable.The 46 year old Couture just had too much for him, and Coleman was over matched this evening.

“I’m having a blast,” said the 46-year-old Couture. “I feel like I’m improving each and every time I get out here. This is my third fight in seven months, and it feels good to be so active.”

Coleman is 1-2 in the UFC since returning after a decade-long departure.

This was Randy Couture’s third fight in the last seven months,and he surprisingly keeps getting better.

The Canadian Press reports…The two were slated to meet at UFC 17 in 1998 but Couture popped a rib in training and the fight was called off. Coleman, a former NCAA wrestling champion and 1992 Olympian, beat Couture, a four-time national champion and U.S. Olympic team alternate, in an amateur wrestling match in 1989.

Couture’s purse was US$250,000, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Coleman’s purse was $60,000 with a matching win bonus.

Randy Couture stopped Mark Coleman with a rear naked choke…but please do not try this at home!!!

All in all, it was an entertaining match to watch, and the preliminary fight’s were great as well.

By the way…Frank Trigg got knocked out in the first round by Matt Sera!!!!….(SOURCE)

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Read all about it here…

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