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Keynote speaker FAIL!!!…Sarah Palin Caught Cheating During Speech With Crib-Note Answers Written On Her Hand!!!!!FAIL!!!!!!!!

Here’s one I would like to submit to one of my favorite sites…Fail Blog!!!

Last night in Nashville, head Teabagger,Sarah Palin was caught cheating on her responses to political questions that she should be well versed in, during the question and answer session after her fiery,liberal bashing, race hating keynote address….you know, the usual Sarah Palin rant.

It is ironic, given that Sarah Palin has disparaged our beloved President by referring to him as….“that guy with the teleprompter”…

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=sarah+palin+tea+party&iid=7827901″ src=”e/5/7/e/Palin_addresses_the_5182.JPG?adImageId=10000991&imageId=7827901″ width=”234″ height=”345″ /]She is a true hypocrite,a hallmark of all true Republicans, and the fact that she wrote answers on the back of her hand is simply childish and amateurish. Modern technology has made it unnecessary to deface your skin with unsanitary ink with the advancement of teleprompter technology,or something else like a concealed mike hidden in her ears, so that Rush Limbaugh or Roger Ailes can spoon feed her the correct answers during a live event.

At least be savvy enough to hide your lack of knowledge so that we can understand that if you show this level of tackiness in public at this point in your career, that it makes all of us feel uncomfortable.

I mean,…I disagree with her on all levels, but if she did win the presidency, I would at least like to have the opportunity to respect that she is knowledgeable, well-studied, and polished as a politician.

A stunt like this would not work in elementary school, but it would be a more understandable course of action for a immature confused child, but when a leading politician does it, on any side of the aisle, we should all be disgusted!!!

Why not just say that…“I do not know the answer to that question,because I have not researched any of the data at this time”….????

Maybe …too much honesty Sarah???

As for now, we are left with these embarrassing images of a politician that is as dumb as her reputation promises, and this level of bumbling can only give solace to our enemies.The enemies of America would prefer that we have a weak, uneducated leader like Sarah Palin running America, rather than the strong confident, well-informed leader that we have currently,President Barack Obama.

The terrorist probably will be her leading support in the next presidential campaign, because they only want to support the downfall of America, by watching us pick a fraud like Sarah Palin.

She has stated recently that she would like to take on President Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

These teabaggers have the nerve to call the Democratic party ignorant,uneducated, pot heads…????…I say they all must be on drugs if they think that this idiot Sarah Palin is sharp!!!

The only thing sharp about her is how she creates all these lies to spin and squirm out of her constant string of failures…like reading answers scribbled on the palm of her hands!?!…

WTF?!? Who does that!!!!…

Sarah Palin Crib Not Cheating Scandal-....FAIL!!!!

Sarah Palin Crib Not Cheating Scandal-....FAIL!!!!

Let’s take a closer look…

Tea Party Palin Crib note FAIL!!!

Tea Party Palin Crib note FAIL!!!

….Does Sarah Cheat!?!….You betcha!!!!…

Winkin' Cheatin' Sarah Palin....FAIL!!!!

Winkin' Cheatin' Sarah Palin....FAIL!!!!

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