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7 Year Old Samba Queen “Sexy Dancing” For The Brazilian Carnival Festival Sparking Outrage!!!

Is 7 years old too young to be publicly hip thrusting and gyrating too sexually suggestive for a child of that age to perform in public…or anywhere at that!!!

It may just be me,but I think that it is highly inappropriate and will encourage sick thoughts in pedophiles.Unfortunetly, in any large gathering, especially one where drinks and other party favors will be flowing,the potential that there will be at least one sick mind in the crowd increases.

Why stir up the perverted passions of pedophiles by displaying a child in such a sexually suggestive way?

I for one would prefer to see a grown woman gyrating like this,and I am repulsed by these moves when a child does them, and mainly surprised  that a parent would present their child in this way, in front of adults.

Julia Lira,7-year-old sexy samba muse

Julia Lira,7-year-old sexy samba muse

Julia Lira,7,of Rio De Janeiro is a cute little girl, but her parents making her do these sexually explicit dances are questionable.

Her father Marco Lira, who happens to be the president of the Viradouro group which coincidentally is the samba group that will have her front for them, says Julia is a natural who can easily samba through the 80-minute parade route in Rio’s sweltering summer heat.

“Any man who looks at a 7-year-old child and feels any sort of excitement should go see a doctor,” Marco Lira,Julia’s father, said before rehearsal this week. “She has the aptitude to be a drum corps queen – you’ll see it tonight. She has a seriousness inside of her when she is on the stage.

Well Mr Lira…there are a lot of sick pedophiles in the world,including Brazil.

Carlos Nicodemus, director of the Rio de Janeiro state Council for the Defense of Children and Adolescents in Brazil stated…”We’re not against kids participating in Carnival; it’s part of Brazilian culture,”…”What we can’t allow is putting a 7-year-old girl in a role that traditionally for Carnival has a very sexual focus….”(Read the full story here from the SOURCE)

The BBC reports…To be queen of a Rio samba school is one of the most sought after roles in carnival but is more often associated with scantily clad women, for whom a little plastic surgery is not uncommon…(BBC SOURCE)

Brazil has long had a problem with sexual exploitation of children and allowing Julia to be a drum corps queen “would increase the treatment of children as sexual objects in Brazilian society.

The judge that will decide if Julia can take part as the sexy samba ‘muse’ for her dad’s group,Ivone Ferreira Caetano,has declined to comment on what his decision may be.

A Baby Bratz doll...why is she dressed like this???

A Baby Bratz doll...why is she dressed like this???

Lets hope he makes the right decision and protect little Julia from pedophiles!!!

This is as bad of an idea as those terrible BABY BRATZprosti-tot dolls!!!

Baby Bratz Dolls presented children like prostitutes...or prosti-TOTS!!!

Baby Bratz Dolls presented children like prostitutes...or prosti-TOTS!!!

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the world that promotes little kids as sexual objects, and it is destroying the moral of our children.Unfortunetly, Hollywood and all of these stage moms are not helping, rather making the situation much worst, as seen in the case of Miley Cyrus little sister,Noah Cyrus,age 9.

Noah Cyrus reportedly will launch a childs clothing line that features scantily clad lingere-like outfits, for the preschool set!!!…so we can not just blame this on Brazil!!!…it called-Ooh LA lA Couture.

Do our children need a linger-like line of clothes!?!?…

Here’s Noah and her little friends posing on a …STRIPPER POLE!!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=noah+cyrus&iid=5814157″ src=”e/b/f/3/2009_Teen_Choice_ee3a.jpg?adImageId=9971066&imageId=5814157″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

Or this one of Noah scantily clad…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=noah+cyrus&iid=6907665″ src=”8/b/e/3/16th_Annual_Dream_47ee.jpg?adImageId=9972080&imageId=6907665″ width=”380″ height=”546″ /]

What do you think???…Am I just old-fashioned, or am I justified in my disgust.Let me know…

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