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Unspeakably Sad….Texas Mom Admits: “I Killed My Babies”

Elyse Marsyl Colon 22, stabbed her two young sons to death, then calmly held her wrists out to police officers who arrived at her home and said “I killed my babies,” authorities said.

She’s charged with two counts of capital murder of a child in the deaths of Luis Garcia, 3, and Guillermo Garcia, 1.

Bond on each count was set at $1 million.

The children’s mother was taken into custody and was questioned at police headquarters.

After her arrest, as she was being escorted from police headquarters to the magistrate for arraignment, the woman told reporters: “You all need to (expletive) off.” She wore jeans, black ankle boots and a black “Don’t Mess with Texas” skull-cap when arrested, according to the police report.

She had at least three small tattoos on the insides of her arms, including the names Elyse Garcia and Luis.

Elyse Marsyl Colon Savagely Killed Her Two Small Babies

Elyse Marsyl Colon Savagely Killed Her Two Small Babies is reporting that…Police Chief William McManus said it wasn’t a bloody scene and added it was unclear if there were multiple stab wounds to the bodies.

Once inside, they found her two sons, ages 1 and 3, dead. The boys were dressed and lying on their backs in a bed, shoulder to shoulder, the chief said.

“It looked like they were sleeping,” he said.

McManus said it appeared the children may have been killed up to eight hours earlier.

He said there have been previous calls to the home for family violence, but not child abuse.

He also said the boys’ father is jailed for being an unauthorized immigrant, but he didn’t have further details.

The motive for the killings is unknown at this time,but whatever the excuse is,nothing was worth the life of theses precious children.

Ironically,this attack occurred less than three miles from the home where prosecutors say a woman decapitated and butchered her 3-week-old boy last summer. The woman, Otty Sánchez, is charged with capital murder.

Otty Sanchez Ate Her Babies Brain And Cut Her Up!!!

Otty Sanchez Ate Her Babies Brain And Cut Her Up!!!

I wonder if Elyse is a friend of Otty’s…and if she had any influence on the murder of her children, Luis and Guillermo?…or are they both simply schizophrenic, and were walking time bombs destined to hurt their own babies because they did not receive any mental health help?

I am sure postpartum depression is something that not only rich women suffer from.What does it look like in the working class women?

The AP is reporting that…State child welfare officials said Wednesday they were still looking into whether their agency had previously investigated the family.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=police+tape&iid=7057214″ src=”5/1/5/e/The_residence_of_2e0d.jpg?adImageId=9880752&imageId=7057214″ width=”234″ height=”334″ /]


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  1. she,,is,a,,stupid,bitch!!!!!!!who,could,,hurt,a,baby?????or,,child

  2. that is just f**king disgusting how would u get a thrill out of killing ur own children that is sick!!!

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