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The “Stripper Pole Bad- Dad” Asks For A Change Of Venue Due To Bad Press!!!

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Kids today with all their “sexting”, xxx rated online forums,social networking hook-ups, and girls that consider themselves to be virgins because blow-jobs don’t count!?!…what does a parent have to do to get their child’s attention with all these distractions in the world today.

Girls were not in to “sexting” when I was a kid…but they are now!

Communicating with teens is difficult,and new and innovative means are necessary to get the attention of the children in todays fast paced world.

The media is reporting that 35-year-old Steven Russo,of Bethlehem Township,is charged with furnishing alcohol to Freedom High School students after he allowed his 17-year-old son to host a party at his home on Dec. 12, police said. He coaxed girls wearing cheerleader outfits to dance around the stripper pole in his basement, police said.

He is charged with nine counts of endangering the welfare of children, eight counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and nine counts of corruption of minors in connection with the party.

The Stripper Pole Bad-Dad...Steven A. Russo

The Stripper Pole Bad-Dad...Steven A. Russo

Steven Russo may have went to far in his attempt to get his sons attention, but what surprises me about this story is that he was succesful in getting the girls to not only wear the cheerleader outfits,…but they also got busy on the pole!!!

Defense attorney Erv McLain said the story has been so sensationalized that Russo can’t get a fair trial locally.

Russo is currently in prison after being convicted of stalking an ex-girlfriend  Jessica Clapso, of Northampton,  on behalf of their son, Michael Clapso, whom he also tried to kill. Steven Russo was found in his idling car in a closed garage with his son Michael by his side, unconscious, by his grandfather, who just happened to stop by their house.

The Express-Times reports that…Michael Clapso was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg where a blood test showed he had an elevated carbon monoxide level, Jessica Clapso said in her statement, adding that Michael will be OK.

Quoted in her statement to police, Jessica Clapso said Russo text-messaged her, saying, “This is on you and good-bye.


Hey,…I like strippers just as much as the next guy, so that does not bother me, BUT…you probably need to abstain from enjoying that particular activity with your son, until he can legally attend a strip club with you!!!!..other than that, this story is just creepy!!!

Sexy Bartender and Bad-Dad Steven A. Russo...the "Stripper Pole Dad!!!

Sexy Bartender and Bad-Dad Steven A. Russo...the "Stripper Pole Dad!!!

Read up on the “Stripper Pole” Dad Here…,0,2491577.story

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