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The King Of Pop’s Killer…Dr. Conrad Murray Ready To Turn Himself In..

Dr Conrad Murray, the murderer of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is set to turn himself in to the LAPD and face the charges surrounding his actions in the murder of Michael Jackson. A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s personal physician said Tuesday that the Houston-based doctor is in Los Angeles and ready to surrender if authorities file charges against him in the pop star’s death.

Dr Murray has admitted that he irresponsibly administered the lethal drug anesthetic propofol into Michael Jackson’s system on the night of June 25, which was the cause of his untimely death. An autopsy classified Jackson’s death as a homicide and said the cause was “acute propofol intoxication” in combination with the use of sedatives. is reporting that…manslaughter charges will not be filed today but if Murray surrenders on schedule it seems the L.A. County District Attorney will file charges first thing in the morning and Dr. Murray would be arraigned in downtown L.A. criminal court…

Let us all hope that this murderer is taken from the streets, so he can not victimize any one else….no matter how famous, or not.

The Killer Dr Conrad Murray

The Killer Dr Conrad Murray

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