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Floyd Mayweather “FINALLY” Decides To Step Up And ‘Test His Jaw Against’ Sugar Shane Mosley!!!!

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It has been announced that Floyd Mayweather has finally decided to stop dodging a beat down by Sugar Shane Mosley and give the Pomona fighter a shot at his jaw.

I guess he figures Shane is old enough now to step to, because all of us fight fans know that this fight should have happened at least 6 years ago when Shane was at his best, but Floyd was too busy being hyped up as he ran through many lesser opponents.

Pretty Boy had to come up with a legit fight after he ducked out the highly threatening Pac-man Pacquiao fight for whatever questionable reason?!?!…

…hopefully they can make that happen in the future.

Mosley will defend his welterweight title against Mayweather on May 1 on HBO PPV at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Mayweather’s signature is considered a formality…he is just reviewing footage of Shane Mosley’s recent bouts, questioning his decision not to dodge him anymore,and he sees that Sugar Shane Mosley, even in his old age, …is still a formidable threat to his Pretty Boy face.

This is not about money…no..this is about that chin!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=shane+mosley+and+floyd+mayweather&iid=1259408″ src=”5/8/e/3/World_Welterweight_Championship_e999.jpg?adImageId=9701752&imageId=1259408″ width=”234″ height=”172″ /]

Read the full story here….

2 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather “FINALLY” Decides To Step Up And ‘Test His Jaw Against’ Sugar Shane Mosley!!!!”

  1. Here we go again, heard this same chin thing when Mayweather was up against Corley, Mitchell, Corrales, Burton, De La Hoya. I believe Mayweather will frustrate and counter Mosley all night long. Here are my thoughts:

    • Nice point of view Jose,now all that is left is the fight!LOL..
      We will see, and either way whatever happens,… all fight fans win!..I just want to see a good competitive fight.
      BTW…are you the boxer Jose Guzman?…if so,it’s an honor to have you comment here man!…and all I can say is that basically, I am a fight fan,
      and you are an actual fighter, so..I your words come with a lot of experience!!..and I have to respect that.
      Thanks for commenting and your blog is great!!!

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