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Philadelphia Father Charged With Setting Dog On Fire In Front Of His Own Children!!!

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Philadelphia police have arrested a Northeast Philadelphia man for allegedly pouring rubbing alcohol on a pit bull puppy, and burning him alive, in front of his own children!

33-year-old John Fleet , was arrested Friday after his traumatized children told a school counselor about the incident.

He has been charged with animal cruelty.

The dog survived the torture, but  a spokesman for the SPCA said the dog is in very bad shape.

The SPCA spokesperson George Bengal, also stated that the dog ,a 5-month-old pit bull is responding well to medication and is expected to survive in spite of his wounds. The dog, who had extensive burns to his head, ears and face, will be in intensive care for five to seven days. reports that…Its neck and ears were charred, its whiskers were burned off, and one of its corneas was seared. The animal also had been burned repeatedly with a cigarette, Bengal said.

“It’s going to be disfigured, and maybe also blind in one eye,” Bengal said.

The incident happened Thursday night inside the home, in front of his two children, a 6-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. “He actually had them hold the dog while he did it,” Bengal said.

A counselor at Harding Middle School learned of the incident yesterday morning, then notified the SPCA…


I think that school counselor should be commended for their swift action in reporting this cruel incident, as soon as they learned of the case from the traumatized children of Mr. Fleet.

Fleet told the investigators that the dog was burned accidentally,…but investigators believe that Mr. Fleet became enraged at the puppy after it ‘nipped’ at the children.

When investigators arrived at the home of Mr Fleet, he was uncooperative, and would not come to, or open the door.In fact, the investigators had to break through a second story window to force entry into the house, and rescue the puppy.

The puppy, which the rescuers have named Rudy, was found in the basement and was showing obvious signs of physical torture and abuse.

Click on this link to see a video report on this unimaginably tragic case of animal abuse….

Justice For Buddy,killed by an animal abuser

Justice For Buddy,killed by an animal abuser

Between “Buddy the dog” being dragged to death in Colorado, and this horrific case of burning a puppy alive …IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN KIDS!!? could come to the conclusion that there are a lot of sadist out here in the world, that have absolutely no respect for the lives and feelings of our animal population.

It has been found that a person that can viciously murder innocent pets also has the potential to become a mass murderer.

I can not imagine the level damage that the children who saw their father torturing this poor pit bull puppy must be enduring, but I know that they made a choice to do the right thing and turn him in.That descision in itself had to be traumatic at their age to come to.

I can only hope that they get the support and counseling that they will need, and the good news is that they are safely in the care of their mother, staying at another place, far away from their father.

If you would like to give to the care of Rudy, you can go to the Pennsylvania SPCA website, and hit the donate now button. Here is a link to their site….

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Read more on this story here…

(The dogs pictured in the photos included in this article are not Rudy the dog).

6 Responses to “Philadelphia Father Charged With Setting Dog On Fire In Front Of His Own Children!!!”

  1. Seems like I saw this (sarcasm to get a point across) somewhere on the web:

    “John W. Fleet III, 1133 E. Sanger Street, Philadelphia,PA 19124 / 215-744-2972. Perhaps we could offer him some encouragement with the Legal Troubles he is facing. Maybe a fund Raiser. Poor guy is probably missing his pooch now.”

  2. A acquaintance of mine has a website that is dedicated to informing the world about puppy mills. I found your site and appreciate what you are doing. Too many individuals don’t get how very much animal cruelty is going on today. Thanks for assisting the movement.

  3. He should be burnt alive the bastard! How would you like it! A life of torture for you suits me just fine!

  4. We MUST get stricter laws against animal abuse. This kind of crap goes on every day of the year. The current laws are not working. This POS scumbag needs to be in prison and then made to pick up dog shit until he does it in his sleep. I would suggest, also, that someone make sure he is not abusing his children!!! What he made them do, was in it’s self abuse. I hope he never gets to see his children again. Punk bitch!!

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