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N.Y. Governer Calls Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Inhumane To The Horses….Seeks To Shut Them Down!

The Governor of New York, David Patterson, called the 150 year old tradition of horse-drawn carriage rides around Central Park, inhumane treatment for the animals, and is seeking more humane treatment of the horses, or he will seek to get rid of the businesses.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=david+patterson&iid=3669563″ src=”4/5/c/a/New_York_Lt_f6d7.jpg?adImageId=9642830&imageId=3669563″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

He said directly… “the horses need to be treated better or the popular tourist rides should be banned”…

The horse-drawn carriage rides are a popular tourist attraction, and are important to New York. There are 225 horses hauling 68 carriages in and around Central Park, and many citizens of New York make a decent living providing this service for the cities tourist. reports that...Current law prohibits the horses from working more than nine hours within a 24-hour period, although that’s often split between two shifts. They typically work about six hours during the day, then three more at night. They can’t start work before 9:30 a.m.

In a time of an economic strife, and rampant unemployment, is it advisable to shut down a business that is employing many people???…and what about all those pony rides across the country that children love so much.The city of Los Angeles has maintained the Griffith Park Pony rides for kids for several generations….is that institution in jeopardy as well?!?

I am all for better treatment for the horses, especially if it can make them more comfortable, but to ban the carriage rides seems like it is a bit too extreme to me.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=horse+drawn+carriage+rides+in+new+york&iid=984367″ src=”2/4/f/e/PicImg_Models_at_Victorias_e0c7.jpg?adImageId=9642783&imageId=984367″ width=”234″ height=”436″ /]

Read the full story here, and leave me a comment on your thoughts or opinions on this topic….

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