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Why Is Greg Oden Texting Nude Photos Of Himself To His Girlfriends???(NSFW)

Sexting Greg Oden

Sexting Greg Oden

Portland Trailblazer Center Greg Oden has endured season ending knee injuries ever since he entered the NBA, so I guess he wanted to show his girlfriend that not every part of him is damaged.

WorldStar Hiphop News website leaked the photos today, in the form of an edited video, that has gone viral today on the internet.

Click on the link below, and check them out for yourself!

If you don’t like full frontal male nudity,…then I would not suggest you look at them,…but everyone else, if you are not at work…go for it!

Greg Oden nude

Kids….let this be a lesson for yourself…Stop texting nude, naked photos of yourself to anyone!!!Your friend get’s mad, and then you are plastered all over the internet…

…Especially if you are a wealthy single professional athlete.

Wikipediaa reports that…Greg Oden is currently the “Team Oden” spokesperson for Oregon Mentors, promoting mentoring for kids.


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