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Unruly Drunk Passenger Causes Flight To Be Diverted To Colorado

Once,when I was boarding a flight back to LA from San Antonio, Texas, the man in front of me put his carry on luggage in the compartment above his seat and sat down.No problem there…

I sat in the seat in front of him, and was settling is when this man behind me stood up and asked the flight attendant if he could leave his bags on the flight , and get off the plane.


He had an accent,so she leaned in, and politely asked him to say it again,because she thought she may have heard him incorrectly, but he said the same thing again.

We were all nervous, because that did not sound that safe to us,and kind of unreasonable, so we all were anxiously awaiting her reply to this gentleman.

I mean, …what was in his bags that he wanted to leave on the plane, and get off?…Hell no!!!

The flight attendant said no he could not, and when he got belligerent, security escorted him, and his bags off the plane!

…So this story today from the AP is one I can relate to.After ‘911’, and the ‘underwear bomber’, craziness at the airport will get you arrested, or beat down by other passengers.

A United Airlines jetliner carrying more than 100 people en route to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver Saturday after a passenger tried to open an exterior door on the plane while it was in flight, officials said.

“There was a disturbance onboard, an unruly passenger,” Denver airport police said in a statement. “Due to that disturbance, pilots decided to divert to Denver.”

The man had consumed alcohol before and during the flight, said Kathy Wright, a FBI spokeswoman. After questioning, the suspect was sent for a medical evaluation.

Not exactly a terrorist…just a drunk, but,…if you get so drunk that you want to open exterior doors on airplanes in mid-flight, then you should just stop drinking liquor!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=las+vegas+airport&iid=2953126″ src=”8/1/5/b/Delta_Air_Lines_681b.jpg?adImageId=9444595&imageId=2953126″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

I say lock this idiot up, before he hurts someone!

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