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Tanker Truck Flips And Explodes On Long Island Expressway In New York

Tanker Truck Explodes On L.I.Ewpressway

Tanker Truck Explodes On L.I. Expressway

A tanker truck flipped and exploded on New York’s Long Island Expressway (L.I.E.) on Saturday morning, killing the driver and creating a fireball seen for miles.

Tragically, Police say 57-year-old driver Mujahid Shah of Brooklyn was killed in the accident near the Nassau County line. and later  a highway sign structure collapsed across all eight lanes of the expressway.

The body of the truck driver Mujahid Shah, remained in the wreckage more than four hours after the crash. “It would seem that the driver of the truck was not able to get out of the vehicle,” said Chief Michael Sharkey of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

The highway was closed in both directions for hours Saturday after the intense heat melted the supports for a huge road sign.

To all you truckers out there,and I know a few….be safe people!!!..R.I.P. Driver Mujahid Shah…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tanker+truck+on+fire&iid=7513887″ src=”7/7/9/e/CA_Wildfires_Return_b3f1.jpg?adImageId=9445624&imageId=7513887″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

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6 Responses to “Tanker Truck Flips And Explodes On Long Island Expressway In New York”

  1. The lady driving the car was at fault. Just look at where the tanker hit it! She cut him off and he tried to avoid her and lost his life trying. It makes me sick and I am a woman. These drivers go through intense driving training and have to maintain strict medical records and are constantly alert. She pulled out and a driver in control of a tanker holding over 8000 gallons of gas can only do so much. Moreover, drivers holding a tanker endorsement have in the business a HAZMAT endorsement and some have gone through a homeland security background check which get a TWIX card to operate such machinery. These men are extremely reliable and know more than any driver of a 4 wheeler the caution required to operate such a vehicle. This poor man paid the ultimate price because a stupid idiot decided to cut him off to be in time for her appointment. “my car was breaking down” really….The car was a new Dodge Neon..If it was breaking down there was no fuel in the tank…but investigators will find that out and the fact the damage was to the rear, the engine was intact! Was she driving under 40 MPH? All this I hope will be investigated since the driver of the tanker is no longer with us. May he rest in peace. I hope she tells the truth instead of making up a story that makes no sense. You can’t fool everyone!

    • Many of the comments here agree with you.
      It seems as though the driver of the car was at fault,and I bet that she probably did not know how to
      safely drive along with big rigs in the first place.
      Looks like the deceased driver save her with his own life…tragic.

  2. Maria Medina was driving to slow in the center lane with car problems! WHY WOULD SHE STAY IN THE CENTER LANE? i was in that area on I495 just 10 minutes earlier… TRAFFIC WAS CLEAR! She says she sees him and thinks he is going to hit him… MOVE OUT THE WAY… i would like to know if she was texting on her phone like 90 percent of the people on the road these days, and what about a criminal investigation? this man died cause she stayed in the middle lane of the road with a vehicle malfunction… she should have been on the service road or atleast in the right lane!

  3. This major fatal wreck could have been prevented if the driver of the car new enough to stay out of the middle lane of a major interstate highway with her flashers on driving below the minimum speed limit aftershe started experiencing vehicle trouble. Its called lane dsicipline and common sense. Right lane. If she was ion the right lane she could have easily pulled over and that would have been that.
    Can you charge someone with negligent stupidity? When someone dies over it and a major wreck is caused?

  4. I agree with most everyone here. We all know what happened. We experience it everyday. She is totally responsible for this poor mans death. These drivers have to mantain strick records and medical cards. They are so alert.
    She cut him off plain and simple and caused a tradegy

  5. her idiocy and stupidity caused a death

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