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Dog Rescued From LA River Viscously Bites Firefighter While Being Saved…

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!!!

The AP is reporting that… a firefighter has been hospitalized with severe hand and arm injuries after being bitten by a dog he hoisted from the storm-swollen Los Angeles River in a daring helicopter rescue.

The dog had a collar but its owner is unknown.

The 3 year-old German shepherd mix was trapped in frigid fast-moving water and the LAFD wanted the rescue to take place from trained professionals and not well-intentioned people who can all-too-easily become victims.

Due to swiftly moving water and a steep embankment, the dog could not climb out.

Once the canine moved from the side of channel to the center, swift water rescue teams were at a disadvantage to reach him, so the decision was made by Commanders to deploy firefighters from a helicopter in a hoist operation.

When Firefighter Joe St Georges was lowered from a helicopter to pick-up the dog and hoist it away with him, he was viciously and continually bitten by the canine, who was obviously frightened.

Most dogs will bite a person, as an act of defense, if the animal thinks it is being attacked.

The rescued dog has been named Vernon, and he is quarantine for observation, because he bit Firefighter St Georges.

On CNN today, Firefighter Joe St George stated that he holds no grudge with Vernon for his bites, which he said were minor, and that he understood that Vernon was just acting like a scared dog, and that all dogs will bite.

He said…’We all work with ‘owies‘, so that is no problem”…

Firefighter Joe St Georges was treated and released at USC medical center.

This was quite an amazing rescue by these heroic fire fighters, and we have been informed that the Los Angeles Fire Department has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations and support for the dog Vernon, coming in from across the country.

If you would like to give to Vernon’s care, send it to the following address: : 200 N Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. LAFD Administration, Attn.: Dog Rescue.

LAFD Joe St Georges Rescues Dog From The LA River

LAFD Joe St Georges Rescues Dog From The LA River


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