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Bellville,Texas Massacre Suspect Maron Thomas Charged…He Killed His Family, and Cut Off A 2 Year Olds Head!!

20-year-old Maron Thomas was charged today with capital murder who is accused of decapitating his 2-year-old niece while massacring five members of his family last weekend.

Thomas was arrested early Sunday morning after being caught breaking into a home while naked, sheriff’s investigators said.

Later that afternoon, he told deputies in the jail about the killings in his family’s home between the communities of Buckhorn and Cochran, said Texas Ranger David Maxwell.

Preliminary autopsy reports show all five died of gunshot wounds, and the 2-year-old girl was decapitated with a machete. Her head was found near her body, Austin County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Paul Faircloth said.

Investigators said Wednesday that an ongoing family dispute led to the shootings, but they declined to give more details.

The Houston Chronicle reports…The dead were identified as Thomas’ mother, Debra Phearse Washington, 54, and her husband, George T. Washington, 69; Thomas’ siblings Kiana Shree Phearse, 25, and Cedric Thomas, 19; and Thomas’ niece, 2-year-old Khalilah Masse-Chambers. Contrary to earlier reports, authorities said today there was no evidence that Kiana Phearse was pregnant. Her daughter’s head had been severed with a machete, authorities said.

Cedric Thomas’ body was found outside the home, as were a handgun and a shotgun, according to investigators.

This is one of the most horrific crimes to occur in this small town of 4,000 people and is located 55 miles northwest of Houston.

Prosecutors have not decided whether they will seek the death penalty…let’s hope that they do!!!

Maron Thomas decapitated 2 year old, and killed 5 people

Maron Thomas decapitated 2 year old, and killed 5 people

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11 Responses to “Bellville,Texas Massacre Suspect Maron Thomas Charged…He Killed His Family, and Cut Off A 2 Year Olds Head!!”

  1. My name is Esmirna Garcia im from University of Texas at El Paso!

    in the course English 1311. im 19 years old
    the society got this far because there is no love ! not even Love for the family !

    This man has no love, he has a psychological problem , because a normal person will never do that.

    If he did not have any love for his own family he is a danger for society.

    This case really impact my life! i wonder what that man was thinking while killing his own family !

    what make him do that , though there is no reason for killing anybody.. the fair thing to do is for him be a long long time in the jail.

    recovered from what he did but for me that kind of act, and memory will never stay away from his mind! he is a sick man and that kind of people never recovered

    • I agree with you Esmirna,he obviously has some mental problems.They will definitely check him for his mental stability, and send him to a mental health facility forever.
      Thanks for the comment!!!

    • well i just want to let u all know that yes he did have some problems that were obvious but everyone failed to address. the reason i know, is because cedric the naked victim was my ex fiance. maron barley spoke and the only thing he ever rarely said to me was hi. i just recent found out about the families death and wa sdeeply hurt this everything that went on. i knew them all. and truth be told there is way more behind the story than what is being told. i promise

      • man im sorry to hear he was ur ex fiance for sure. the truth maybe hidden, but the truth is out that he is a crazy psycho-path that killed people…not just one…but several. if he has problems that they knew about it and was that crazy to do something like this they should have put him in the state school …righhhht down the street from me ..about 25 miles from where he killed them. not only does he scare me about this because i am right behind the house it went crazy in, everyday, but also that people like him scare every other normal person in the world. people like him need help, because if they dont get help people like him go crazy on innocent people in the world. they may not have been so innocent but im sure innconcent enough to not kill their whole family.

  2. Death Row…definantly….
    he needs to have done what he did to them.

  3. the dumb sob had NO business doing this. ive lived in buckhorn all of my life!! we used to sleep with the windows open and the keys left in the vehicles. try living a mile from where this happend!! the residents of this small community are very shocked and have no idea whats going to happen next. all of these people were great people and had loving neighbors. I think the best thing to do is bring the chair out of the closet and fry his ass!! and let the people who see him hurt watch it!

  4. Kaitlyn I think your right. this is a community where everybody knows everyone! they are all neighbors to me! its bad and it hurts to now have to pray that nothing will happen to anyone out here again.

  5. well the red roof right behind the house, the fence line of where his body was found, was on the Klotz land and my boy friend lives with them!! I think its all just crazyy

  6. He definitely has some mental issues. The state of Texas is one of the worse places to live if you have a mental illness. Getting in a program or just getting your medicine regulated is very difficult. You have to go through so much “red tape”. If you are over the age of 17 you are considered an adult and they expect you to make sound decisions. These people have “mental illnesses” DAH!!!!! Let them decide what treatment program they need yeah right.

  7. i lived a mile away from there to and yes i is terrifing we moveed over 3 hours away because of it he needs to fry not go to a mental hospital or state school he needs to burn

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