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A Falling Tree Kills East County San Diego Women

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A woman was killed today, as she was crushed by a falling tree during the second of a series of storms due this week to deluge Southern California.

The AP is reporting that ….San Diego Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Munsey said the woman was killed when a eucalyptus tree with a 10-foot diameter trunk crushed her trailer and a neighbor’s in a mobile home park near El Cajon.

Emergency crews needed a crane to move the tree and extricate her body from the wreckage of her home.


I saw about 5 Eucalyptus trees in my neighborhood that had fallen down due to the hurricane force wind that accompanied this afternoons storm, which will not be the last one today!!!

Eucalyptus trees are notorious in California for having shallow root systems and falling on cars in windstorms.

They are native to Australia, and were introduced into California for their wood which was used for railroad ties.Now they are great for the koalas in the zoo, but pretty much are landscaping that has proven to be deadly here in modern southern California.

They need to be banned, or the government needs to regulate how they are grown, for the safety of the citizens.

Maybe we should not have 100 foot eucalyptus trees with shallow roots growing wildly around California?

Just a thought…

Killer!!!..but beautiful eucalyptus tress in San Diego...

Killer!!!..but beautiful eucalyptus tress in San Diego...

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