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“Celebrity Rehab” Star Jeff Conaway Seriously Injured In Drug Induced Fall From A Staircase

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=jeff+conaway&iid=5906836″ src=”b/3/4/4/Haiti_Charity_VIP_02f3.JPG?adImageId=9294204&imageId=5906836″ width=”380″ height=”530″ /] is reporting that “Taxi” and “Grease” star Jeff Conaway,59, is in intensive care due to devastating injuries he sustained from a fall down a staircase in his house on Monday.

Vicki Lizzi, Jeff’s girlfriend, reports that he is undergoing emergency surgery to repair a broken hip, and that he also suffered a broken hip, a broken arm, a fractured neck and a brain hemorrhage.


Jeff Conaway in 2008, was featured in the reality program “Celebrity Rehab”were it was revealed that he was addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and painkillers. reports that…The actor stated that he had been an addict since he was a teenager, and was the victim of “pedophiles and child pornographers.”

Conaway also appeared in VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club,” but was forced to leave due to his relapse and entered rehab soon after.

Many viewers of Jeff Conaway on the two reality programs saw drug addled behavior from both Jeff and Lizzi, and most disturbingly, we also saw domestic violence between the two in their relationship. Jeff actually punched her on camera.

Many of the comments left on forums about Jeff’s latest debacle in his life are mentioning the fact that Jeff may have stumbled accidentally down the stairs….or  was he pushed down the stairs?!?

Lizzi was the only witness to the accident.

The incident is under investigation by the authorities, and no charges have been filed.

This terrible development for Jeff, does bring into question the effectiveness of Dr. Drew’s rehab program, and highlights the fact that the show may exploit a condition that requires serious medical help, that continues after the show has wrapped.

Below is some video footage of Jeffs’ 59th birthday bash at a club in Hollywood. Notice all the drinks at the party…

I think a Hollywood club is the last place Jeff should have celebrated his birthday.Being around a bunch of drinks and drugs is enough to make an addict relapse.

Follow the story here….

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