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37 Cats Found Cooped Up Inside A Tiny NYC Apartment

This report about 37 cats found in a New York apartment reminds me of my late neighbor, who had well over 70 cats, roaming around her little house and property.My neighbor’s cats at least had a sizeable yard to roam around in, so this report about a group of cats being kept inside an apartment is quite disturbing.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=house+cats&iid=1972852″ src=”5/6/0/c/f1.jpg?adImageId=9296152&imageId=1972852″ width=”234″ height=”153″ /]The AP is reporting that…More than three dozen cats are getting some much-needed care from veterinarians after being found cooped up in a one bedroom New York apartment.

Animal control officer Tim Rickey,ASPCA, said that the owner  tried to care for them, but her pet population had spiraled out of control after her first pair of cats began breeding. She ended up with 37 and is getting to keep two — after they are spayed and neutered. (SOURCE )

I do not know what gives some people the idea that 37 cats in a one room apartment makes any kind of sense!!!

Let’s just hope that the surviving cats can find better accommodations.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=house+cats&iid=3684258″ src=”9/7/0/b/Beijing_Animal_Lover_49c5.jpg?adImageId=9296129&imageId=3684258″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]

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