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LaDanian Tomlinson Electric Slide Rap Video???…San Diego Super Chargers Will Stomp Down The New York East Coast Jets!!!

This weekend the San Diego Super Chargers will put an end to all of this media hype and love fest that has fallen on the ridiculous New York Jets just for winning ONE playoff game?!?

Here at the Jerrrybrice’s Blog…we hate on the New York east coast Jets,and any other team that dares to step to us, and LOVE the San Diego Super Chargers!!!

It’s nothing personal, just sports business…and I am not above trash talking!

Now…I appreciate all of my east coast supporters,..believe that!!!…but this is about football, and basic loyalty to my home town, and my team that has been on this path, entertaining us fans, for more than 40 years!

That is not going to change, no matter what happens….but if the Chargers move to Los Angeles,…all bets are off!

This weekend the Chargers will destroy the hapless Jets…it is our destiny.

Bet the farm!!!..

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=ladainian+tomlinson&iid=7371483″ src=”0/6/1/0/Tomlinson_scores_against_1bff.JPG?adImageId=9030644&imageId=7371483″ width=”380″ height=”533″ /]

In the meantime, enjoy LT’s unique rap video,…or at least have a few laughs.

If you agree, or disagree, leave a comment here, before the game!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=ladainian+tomlinson&iid=7315377″ src=”6/7/a/d/NFL_Kansas_City_29f9.JPG?adImageId=9030574&imageId=7315377″ width=”380″ height=”317″ /]

One Response to “LaDanian Tomlinson Electric Slide Rap Video???…San Diego Super Chargers Will Stomp Down The New York East Coast Jets!!!”

  1. […] Good luck!!!!…and go Jets!!!!…now, he can hire better rap talent for his next video!!! […]

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