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Supreme Court Blocks TV Coverage In Same Sex Marriage Trial…Come Out Of The Closet Guys!!!

The media is reporting that…The U.S. Supreme Court, acting on an appeal from conservative defenders of California‘s ban on same-sex marriage, overruled a federal judge in San Francisco today and blocked video coverage of the trial on YouTube.

In a brief order, the justices said they were halting the move by U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “permitting real-time streaming” of the trial, “except as it permits streaming to other rooms within the confines of the courthouse in which the trial is to be held.”

The block is only temporary, and it may be over-turned.Either way, to prevent it from being broadcast only protects the voting public from identifying and hearing the people who are against it.

I guess they should be embarrassed by what they have to say, and hiding behind a closest, should prove to them just how terrible it would feel to have to hide your true identity, and belief’s in life from the public.

The hypocrisy of this effort to hide their faces is tantamount to cowardice.

It always seem like when you shine a light on roaches, the tend to scatter.

Most of the people fighting same-sex marriage, like Rev. Miles McPherson of the Rock Church in San Diego, usually run to any television camera available to spout his hateful diatribes against gay Americans,…so what is the problem now?

Homophobic Pastor Miles McPherson

Homophobic Pastor Miles McPherson

They would even get a live You tube stream!?!

Stop hiding guys, and show us your faces, as you continue to be on the wrong side of history!!!

Read more on this story here…,0,7701011.story

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