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Uncle Tom Michael Steele Upset That His GOP Slave Masters Don’t Like That He Wrote A Book.

Who would have thought…the neocons that own Uncle Michael Steele, the lawn jockey that is the mouth piece for the Republican party, are upset that he wrote a book.

Face it, they were surprised that this black man could actually write at all.Do black men actually know how to read and write.

….better string him up!

Fox news is reporting…Some Republican congressional leaders apparently had no idea GOP Chairman Michael Steele had written a book about the party’s future, until they saw him on TV promoting it.

One aide tells The Washington Post: “No one in the House or Senate leadership knew he had a book contract.” Another said Steele is freelancing. The chairman has also taken fire for accepting speaking fees, and for some of his public comments.

Sounds like the Grand Dragons over at the Grand Old Party don’t need a black man anymore, so the smear campaign is on!

Today Steele said on ABC News Radio he’s had enough: “If you don’t want me in the job — fire me. But until then — shut up.

Michael Steele is a lawn jockey/coon!!!

Michael Steele is a lawn jockey/coon!!!

Big talk coming from such a little insignificant coon.

Face it, they know it, and now so do you.You have been used up, and they are over you, Mr. Steele.

Seems like he is so deluded that he has forgotten that he actually chose to run for the office of Rush Limbaugh’s whipping boy.

The necon terrorist Repubs are calling him …the chairman from hell…


…and the GOP has declared war on their “runaway slave”.


Face it Michael, you are like a washed up elderly prostitute, and you are of no use to anyone.

There is no future for a token!

If I were you, I would write a tell all book about these American haters, reprogram yourself, and out all of these neocon republican terrorist that you so much wanted to be a part of.

You can never be a part of a club that requires you to be white, and hate all minorities, especially the African-American men that you tried to sabotage.

President Obama wins this round, and Steele will be relegated to the trash bin on the wrong side of history.

Forget about coming back to black people…we don’t want you either!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=michael+steele+republican&iid=4830319″ src=”d/2/0/f/Michael_Steele_Addresses_9906.jpg?adImageId=8869321&imageId=4830319″ width=”380″ height=”374″ /]

For more laughs at the expense of the idiot traitor Michael Steele, click on this link-,0,4386403.story

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