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Wife Says CIA Bomber Hated the U.S.,And He Is Viewed As A Martyr


When people in the Islāmic faith proclaim they are in a “holy war” against the United States,they sound just as crazy as Dick Cheney!?!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=dick+cheney&iid=4916787″ src=”4/f/c/b/Cheney_Speaks_At_064d.jpg?adImageId=8864272&imageId=4916787″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]”If live and let live” is not an option,.. then we must protect ourselves at all cost.

I like President Obama’s international peace effort, but….you can not reason with the unreasonable,and until they stop trying to force their beliefs down our throats with the threat of terror, then maybe we need to look at the Dick Cheney approach.

…and I am no fan of Dick Cheney, but,…he may have some insight into these matters.

‘Holiness’ is not the sole property of any religion, no matter how bizarre they try to act, and terrorize.

The AP is reporting that a Jordanian doctor-turned-suicide bomber who killed seven CIA employees at a base in Afghanistan is regarded by his family as a martyr in Islam’s holy war against the United States.

Defne Bayrak, the wife of the double-agent, traitor, homicide bomber Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi praised her husband’s Dec. 30 attack on 7 CIA agents is Afghanistan  to Turkish journalists in Istanbul.

Homicide Bomber praised by terrorist...

Homicide Bomber praised by terrorist...

“I am proud of him; my husband has carried out a great operation in such a war. May God accept his martyrdom,” Bayrak told the Dogan news agency.

She later told the state-run Anatolia news agency: “My husband did this against the U.S. invasion.” (SOURCE-

I am all for talking and negotiation, but we must deal with the fact that the population in many Islāmic countries, are educated to hate us and our freedom.I use the term education lightly, because they are actually trained to hate us by the rich terrorist that feed them.

Free thinking and liberated people will never accept any religious fascism…

Most would go without sustenance if it were not for these corporate terrorist groups, so in essence, they are being exploited by the wealthy élite Islamics,much in the same way the impoverished in America are used in the military to fight our American wars.

Same old story, just a different concept.

Either we find a way to re-educate a generation of Jihadist in their own country, or we must consider the opposite approach, because failure and defeat is not an option in the USA.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=suicide+bomber&iid=6089558″ src=”5/0/3/c/Afghans_Go_To_a9af.jpg?adImageId=8864387&imageId=6089558″ width=”234″ height=”151″ /]

Follow the homicide bomber story here….

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