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Playboy Model Found Burned Beyond Recognition In Miami Dumpster

There is  an interesting similarity between the death’s of Playboy and swimsuit model Paula Sladewski,26, and Jasmine Fiore,26, who was so tragically murdered and dismembered by her husband,reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins.

Both of these young women dead bodies were found dumped in trash bins, and apparently, the catalyst for both murders by their main male significant other was caused by a spat in a nightclub where the man left the club,or was asked to leave, and the woman stayed at the club, to enjoy the party alone.[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=jasmine+fiore&iid=6058618″ src=”2/3/d/7/Tangerine_Lounge_9033.jpg?adImageId=8863729&imageId=6058618″ width=”234″ height=”340″ /]

The young women in both of theses cases returned to their hotel rooms, to join back together with their men, …and both were never seen alive again.

In fact, Jasmine Fiore was discovered dismembered in an abandoned suitcase discarded in a dumpster in an alley, and Paula Sladewski’s body was found burned beyond recognition in a trash bin in Miami.

Paula and Jasmine were beautiful,sexy, curvaceous blond bombshells, and they both made a living from their good looks as swimsuit models.

Unfortunetly, they both attracted men that convinced them that they were the one, but what they did not know is that they would be the one’s suspected in their brutal deaths!

It seems as though that level of beauty, attracts women hating killers.

Some university should do a study on that.If there is a pattern of young women being killed by their husband’s or boyfriend’s because of some sick form of ‘woman hating’that is centered on how the women look and how they display their looks at clubs, then I think that women in the modeling profession that seek to titillate, should be given some form of protection from these predators. is reporting that…Paula Sladewski, a 26-year-old who once modeled for Playboy,

Paula Sladewski...burned beyond recognition

Paula Sladewski...burned beyond recognition

was identified Wednesday by Miami police as the person found dead and

“burned beyond recognition” in a trash bin on


The body was identified by her dental records.

Her boyfriend, identified as KevinKlym,remains in Florida, and is a person of interest in her death, but he states that he is innocent, and had nothing to do with Paula’s death.

He, in fact reported her missing to the police.

He is suspicious, because Kevin Klym had broken her nose in a drunken fight in the past.

The Telegraph News reports…He told police they got into a fight after he wanted to leave because he believed she was “too drunk”.

She reportedly shouted at him and bouncers threw him out of the club, whereupon he said he took a taxi back to their home.

That was the last time he saw her, and when she did not return, he spent the following hours searching for her in Hospitals,and filing a missing persons report.

We know how it ended for the suspect in Jasmine Fiore’s murder, Ryan Jenkins killed himself out of guilt.

I wonder how this case will end up.I hope they find out what happened to Paula, so that her family can have some peace.

Read the full story here-

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