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Josh Powell Husband of Missing Utah Mother Gives A Lame Story…Think He Did It???

Utah Mother,Susan M Powell,vanishes without a trace.

Her husband,Josh Powell, gives this lame story of what happened above in the video.

He said he took the kids on a midnight,20 below zero, sudden camping trip, and forgot what day it was.

To his surprise, when he returned home, his wife had vanished, without a trace…but he did not do it.

Yeah right.

Another “innocent” white man whose wife comes up missing all of a sudden, after he does something out of the blue and irrattic!?!

If the authorities are reading this,…please take the kids away from this suspected killer.

Today, there are signs that Josh Powell is packing up and moving out of state!!!

If he is a person of interest in this murder, and you are correct, then the children are currently in the hands of a killer.

Susan M. Powell
Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
28 years old
5’4″ 130 pounds

Susan M. Powell...missing

Susan M. Powell...missing

If you have any information on her disappearance you are urged to call
investigators at: 1-801-840-4000 or 911

SUSPECT….Josh Powell

Josh Powell...suspected perpetraitor

Josh Powell...suspected perpetrator

Follow story here…

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