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Study Shows That Spanked Kids Do Better As Adults…Go Get Me A Switch!!!

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I have often wondered which discipline method is more effective while raising a child, time-out, or a classic old school spanking?

As a father, I was conflicted, given that my experience as a child was that I was not spanked at all….I was beaten with whatever my father could get his hands on at the moment of his rage, so a spanking to me always seemed like the modicum amount of corporal punishment given the perspective of a beating with extension cords, or more common in my family, 2 by 4’s.

The one time I did spank my son, his other parent did not support it, and since our custody agreement favored his mom more so than me, I relented on that, and decided to support her disciplinary actions, which is the “time-out” approach, standing in the corner, and now that he is a teenager, she “grounds” him from some of his privileges.

I also have the perspective of having been a teacher to young adults between the ages of 18-25 primarily, and I can tell you, I did not notice very much discipline, or respect for elders .Don’t get me wrong, I had some very fine students, and if you are reading my blog, and we are currently friends and you were a former student of mine, then you are one of the good students.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=school+children&iid=7394600″ src=”0/8/4/3/School_students_doing_8879.JPG?adImageId=8823534&imageId=7394600″ width=”234″ height=”194″ /]My main issue with the time-out approach is that it is too lenient to persuade a rambunctious child to be well-behaved. I never had the luxury of talking back to my parents, or fussing at them.I grew up in a black and white society, and the majority of my Caucasian friends were allowed to use profanity and talk back to their parents.

I ,on the other hand , was terrified as to what my father might do to me if I did the wrong thing, and I chose not to be bad.In fact,I chose to excel in education at an early age, simply because I wanted to experience free thought and expression without the fear of having it beaten out of me by my dad.

I do have some negative observations about the effects of beating a child as a primary disciplinary approach.First of all,I find that resorting to any form of violence is a sign of a lack of education.Hitting a person that can not physically prevent it just creates a latent form of retaliation that can manifest itself in many ways.

One way, if the child grow’s up to be a decent citizen, is that they will not want to be around you.

The second one that I see from my peers is that they abuse themselves, as well as their own children.

None of the outcomes are positive, and no matter what level of personal success one achieves, it is all based on separating yourself from the beatings and spankings, but the memory never goes away.

The positive thing about beating or spankings, that I find to be relevant, is the fact that, if you do not do it for your child while he is small enough to correct physically, then the police will do it for you.

The police have billy clubs,pepper spray, and bullets just waiting for your undisciplined child as they step out into society.Black children will be treated more harshly than their white counter-parts, but anyone fussing and disobeying the law, will be physically spanked.

Just use the Rodney King incident as an example of this.

The New York Daily News is reporting that….Calvin College psychology professor Marjorie Gunnoe, found that kids smacked before age 6 grew up to be more successful, and that there was not enough evidence to say that smacking harms most kids, according to the London Daily Mail. But those who were smacked after age 6 were more likely than other kids to have behavioral difficulties, such as getting into fights, the Daily Mail reports.

Gunnoe, who interviewed 2,600 people about being smacked, told the Daily Mail: “The claims that are made for not spanking children fail to hold up. I think of spanking as a dangerous tool, but then there are times when there is a job big enough for a dangerous tool. You don’t use it for all your jobs.” (SOURCE-

The confusing thing about this study, is that back in September 2009, CNN reported on a study that proved that spanking a child is detrimental to their development….

….so what should a parent do?

The one thing I do have a conclusion to is the fact that no parent should ever hit a child in anger.

The jury is still out on this one, but I do know that the old school style beatings that I experienced are pretty much outlawed across the country, and that is a good thing. The more education we all get, the more thoughtful of a society we develop.

I am not opposed to spanking a child, and the age limit sounds reasonable from my experience.

We all must consider that the rise in violent crimes, coincides directly with the decrease in parental spankings.The fear of a “time-out” is negligible, and ineffective, and society could stand to gain from whatever the happy medium is.

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What are your thoughts, and experiences with spanking,I would like to know?

Here is a link to the article I was reading that got me going on this topic…..

One Response to “Study Shows That Spanked Kids Do Better As Adults…Go Get Me A Switch!!!”

  1. Thank you for the post. I agree with you and support your side of the argument. I think that more people should reconsider why others are in favor of spanking (not beating).
    Disciplne is what divides so many law abiding citizens from career criminals.

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