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Police: Man Held Fla. Woman Captive 4 Days…He Made Her Lick The Toilet!!!

The AP reports that a convicted sex offender has been charged with sexually battering a Florida woman while holding her captive for at least four days in her apartment.

Police report that he met the woman New Year’s Eve at her work.

Jonathan Aaron Burdette ,33, is a registered sex offender,and a resident of Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The Palm Beach Post reports that… the sex offender met the woman at a discount store in Cocoa on New Years Eve, and asked to make her dinner on New Year’s Day, and then wouldn’t leave her apartment.


Ladies, …if you meet a man in a discount store that you do not know, and he offers to cook and clean for you,…it may be flattering, but it is all a con game!!!!…Don’t do it, and if you do…watch out!!!

You can meet people and enjoy your life, but, know that every time you allow a man who you actually do not know in to your home, you are putting your child at risk.

You can be as foolish as you want…and you will end up either happy,… or on a police blotter.

The child will be much more victimized than you, and he/she probably did not want this strange man there in the first place.

Remember…the priority is to protect your child, and every time you mistakenly allow a man access to your house, you are trusting that man with the life of your child, and the child’s father, who may have prefered to have primary custody of the child anyway, because of your propensity for this level of carelessness.

I hope the young woman can recover, but most of all, I hope that the child can receive the mental help he/she will undoubtedly need, to get over what happened to the mother, in their presence.

The .99 cent store is not a place to pick up your next boyfriend!!!!

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