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Danish “Mohammed” Cartoonist Attacked By Somalian Terrorist…Armed Guards Shoot The Intruder

Kurt of retaliation by islamic terrorist

Kurt of retaliation by islamic terrorist

A 27-year-old man was shot and wounded by Danish police when he and two others tried to enter the home of Kurt Westergaard, a cartoonist who insulted all who worship Islam by denigrating their prophet Mohammed by depicting him as a terrorist.

The 28-year-old Somalian man was shot by police in the knee and the shoulder during the attack. Preben Nielsen, of the police in Aarhus, said the suspect was seriously injured but his life was not in danger.

The suspect, who had a residence permit in Denmark, was to be charged with attempted murder over trying to kill Westergaard and a police officer, a police source said.

Westergaard offended all Muslims by unwittingly breaking a sacred Muslim doctrine that insist that no depictions of the originator of Islam should ever be permitted,displayed,or published.

When he did publish the offending cartoon, Danish citizens and the country were made targets for Islamic terrorist,as well as law-abiding Islamic citizens.

It was a major insult, and most in the Muslin world feel that it deserved some form of harsh punishment.

Following the publication of the offending cartoon, Muslim organizations in the US and elsewhere convened public meetings to instruct non-Muslims in the Muslim doctrine that no such depictions of the originator of Islam should be permitted, and most organizations have chosen to honor their wishes, as we do with depictions of the originator of the Christian religion.

The AP is reporting that...Westergaard said that he locked himself inside his saferoom at home when he detected the assault. The assailant then tried to knock down the door to the saferoom where Westergaard waited with his five-year-old grandson.

This is not the first time Westergaard has been threatened. In February 2008, the 74-year-old cartoonist was saved by police from another deadly assault by three suspects.

Danish intelligence officials said the suspect is connected to al-Shabaab, al Qaeda’s ally in east Africa.

The incident “once again confirms the terrorist threat that is directed against Denmark and against cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, in particular,” said Jakob Scharf, spokesman for the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, in a statement.

For the record, I have never found any humor in depicting religious deities in a disrespectful manner, and I abhor racial stereotypes as a form of humor. In as much as I can not agree with this level of violence for any reason, I understand the frustration that may have manifested this attack.

I hope that all parties can come together, and agree mutually that no religious deities shall ever be disrespectfully depicted as a form of humor, for any reason.I support a free press, and enjoy the freedoms that it provides, but we all must be cognizant of our responsibility to the beliefs of our diverse cultures, and do nothing but respect every one of them,if we believe in the concepts,or not.

It is not that much to ask.

Disrespectful Cartoonist Inflamed and Insulted all Muslims

Disrespectful Cartoonist Inflamed and Insulted all Muslims

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