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Man Arrested For Brutal Dog Dragging Death At Colorado National Monument » Dead Dog ‘Buddy’

Dead Dog 'Buddy'

Dead Dog ‘Buddy’

Dead Dog ‘Buddy’

8 Responses to “Dead Dog ‘Buddy’”

  1. Heartbreaking…

  2. Remember when Larry Byrd the Black man was dragged to death in Texas by three white men in a truck?
    Not one petition was signed against his accusers.
    It is horrible that a person can do this to a dog.
    Poor dog died a horrible death as did James Byrd in Texas when he was dragged behind a truck.
    The three men who dragged Byrd to death: one got life in prison and the other two got the death penalty.
    I think life in prison is too severe a penalty for Romero to receive.
    He needs help and he needs to be punished. But thank God it wasn’t a human being he did that too as did the men in Texas.
    He doesn’t deserve life in prison! Five years tops!

    • I think you mean James Byrd…
      Thanks for the comment.I think he deserves to do some significant time….

      • I hope he pays “with his life would be good” The sad part about it all is our government does not value animals the same as people when it comes to their life! If they did we wouldn’t have the crazy people on the streets that we do… These sick people start with animals most of the time and then go to humans, whens it going to stop. It start with our system thats broken. FIX IT, LOCK THEM UP OR EXECUTE THEM BUT GET THEM OFF OUR STREETS!!!!!!!

  3. BTW I’m not Black and am not taking up for a Black man. I believe in being fair and honest in my reporting!

  4. In my first comment I used the word “accusers” but meant to write murderers.

  5. Five years? LInda, what are you thinking. This man is a habitual criminal. This is a felony. Serial killers start out torturing and killing animals. This sadistic killer needs serious prison time to prevent him from doing this again. Don’t tell me you think this was the first time this sadist tortured an animal. I am sure he didn’t just wake up and decide to go steal a beloved pet and torture it… he has done this or worse before. Colorado has a three strikes and you’re out law, it is time we use it and sentence this saidst to serious time.

  6. my doged died yestrday and i was crying hard beacuse buddy is in the ground

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