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Man Arrested For Brutal Dog Dragging Death At Colorado National Monument

Buddy the dog...brutally dragged to death

Buddy the dog...brutally dragged to death

A man has brutally killed an innocent dog in what witnesses are claiming to be one of the most heinous crimes ever committed to an animal.

Steven Clay Romero, 37, a  Fruita,Colorado man is accused of dragging a dog to death on the  Colorado National Monument Thursday. He is being held without bond in lock-up, and will stay there over the holiday weekend.

According to Romero’s arrest affidavit, about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday a maintenance worker at Colorado National Monument saw tire tracks and drag marks in the snow leading up West Hill, past the Fruita entrance to the park. Two miles later, the worker saw the carcass of Buddy, a German shepherd-blue heeler mix, with a rope tied to its neck.

Buddy had obviously suffered on his way to his death. Buddy was a German Shepherd Blue- Heeler mix…

The Denver Post is reporting these details on how the dog died...”The animal apparently was attached to the vehicle at the base of the west hill, and as the vehicle accelerated, first it was walking then it was running. It couldn’t keep up and was being drug and strangled as it got to the three-mile mark on the west hill,” she said.

Park rangers suggested that the dog may have been stolen from its owner by this sick perpetrator.

A Delta police report indicates a witness recorded the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle in the alleged dog theft, which tied back to a home in Fruita, according to the affidavit, which subsequently led to the arrest of  Steven Clay Romero.

Romero faces a maximum three years in prison, a fine up to $100,000 and a year of mandatory parole if convicted on a federal charge of felony cruelty to animals.

Romero was arrested six times in the past seven years by police in Montrose and Grand Junction on a variety of charges, including weapons offenses, traffic violations and drug distribution, according to court records. Five of the six arrests were in 2009. Romero was in Mesa County District Court on Thursday for a hearing on a drug and weapon-related case stemming from a Sept. 12 arrest at a local motel.

Years ago, there was a case in Texas where three Ku Klux Klan members had tied a black man,James Byrd, Jr., to the back of their pick-up, and dragged him for several miles, until his body fell apart….

(read the full account here,_Jr.)

..and the perpetrators received the death penalty, as well as life in prison without the possibility of parole.

These two crimes are similar, and the only difference is that one involved the life of a human being, and one was a defenseless dog.

I hope that the same level of justice can be meted out in this terrible act of animal cruelty, and I find that it may be a good case to extend the value of life, to all of God’s creatures.

Severe justice must be served to prevent this type of crime from ever happening again.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

To read the full story of this sad account of man’s brutality to animals, and the arrest,…read the full story here…

To view the dead body of Buddy the dog, click on the thumbnail below….

Dead Dog 'Buddy'

Dead Dog 'Buddy'

27 Responses to “Man Arrested For Brutal Dog Dragging Death At Colorado National Monument”

  1. thanks for posting this.

    • What this person did shows a very sick mind!!! i had heard tht his sister was also involved and that they would both face charges. I hope it goes to the full extent
      the law will allow. It seems times are getting worse, every week you hear of some crime involving some innocent animal, and yet another offender gets a slap on the wrist and told don’t do this again. how are these slugs ever going to learn if they are not punished? how about we do to them as was done to the animal?

  2. Thank you so much for helping to get the word out on this. I have seen little to no non-local media coverage of the story. This is a federal crime and is being heard in federal court. The entire country can help change the shockingly lenient penalty for crimes like this.

    • I will stay on top of it, and if you hear it any news concerning this before I do…feel free to post it here!
      Thanks…I like the idea of the petition that Shazaam linked to his/her comment!

  3. There is a petition going around to urge the courts to give him the maximum penalty. Even that isn’t enough, as far as I’m concerned, but here’s the link:

  4. If you hear how he pleas or what he gets has a sentence will you please post it or atleast pass it on to me through email. I’m trying to keep up with this as it goes. All I know right now is that he was arrested for the dragging death of Buddy today as he walked out of a courtroom (unrelated charges).

    Thank you!


  5. Wow… what a piece of shit. Too bad stoning is no longer a utilized form of punishment.

  6. My heart is breaking right now. RIP sweet Buddy. 😥

  7. Thanks Jerry for writting about Buddy. People can sign the petition to Demand Justice for Buddy on Facebook. This petition will be brought to Romero’s hearing on January 27, 2010.

  8. I have been following this story thru FB and many concerned animal lovers posting updates on their page and this is the first picture of Buddy (alive) that I have seen. What a great picture it is showing his character and spirit! My heart goes out to Buddy’s owners. My anger goes out to the a….. that ended his life and my appreciation goes out to the witness that came forward and got involved as many people do not! I sincerely hope that more people become aware and stop living in ignorance as to what goes on daily with animals and do their part in speaking up for the animals b/c we are their voices!

  9. Thank you for the update. This still just tears me up. I hope they throw the book at him & he gets the max. I heard that his next court date was something like the 26th/27th of Jan.

  10. This monster is a waste of human flesh and should be kicked off the planet. To treat anything like that is just wrong. At his hearing he couldn’t understand why he could not bond out. His sister should also get the max for her part.

  11. Animals are defenseless against horrific acts like this. Some people I work with, we have all joined forces to try and get thie recognized nationally and get the media attention it deserves. We have sent emails about the petition to Nightly News with Brian Williams, Nancy Grace on CNN, Rescue Ink out of New York city, local vetrinarians and the list keeps growing. We want to create more public awareness that these such acts cannot go unpunished and people must be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Most animal abuse ends up with a slap on the wrist. No more. The laws need to be more harsh relative to punishment for animal abuse. The story of “Buddy” is one that has touched so many people globally and seeing the comments motivates us even more to help push for more signatures.

  12. Is it just me, or are those two different dogs? The one at bottom is clearly a Heeler mix, is that Buddy?

    Regardless though, the murderer deserves the same fate. Tie him to a truck and see how far he makes it.

  13. This person is not a human being and deserves to be taken
    off the streets for life. He will kill again, probably a person.
    In my opinion, tax payers money should not be wasted on this
    piece of garbage.

  14. Thanks for this site. I’ve Googled from time to time to try to find out what’s going on with this every since my daughter (who lives in Colorado) told me about this horrific, senseless act of cruelty. There hasn’t been much that I’ve seen out there and certainly I’ve heard nothing reported about this in Arkansas, which, given the outrageous cruelty of the act, kind of surprises me. I would think such a story would garner more national media attention. I signed the “Demand Justice for Buddy” petition and am heartened to see that many, many people are as outraged as I am. It’s nice to now have a place to go for updates, since I really want to follow what happens with this closely.

  15. Here’s some updated information on the indictment of the two killers who murdered Buddy….
    A federal grand jury indicted two Fruita residents in connection with the December dog dragging death of “Buddy” at the Colorado National Monument, authorities said Tuesday.

    Melissa Marie Lockhart, 32, stands accused of misprision of felony, or failing to report knowledge of a felony.

    She faces up to three years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted as charged. An arrest warrant was also issued for Lockhart.

    Read the full story here:

    ….let’s keep these two off the streets, and away from any more innocent dogs…

  16. According to Dr. Phil, whom just did a series on animal cruelty and its parallels to serial murderers, there is more times than not, a history of brutality towards animals, before the predator kills his first human being. This man is out of touch and out of control. Serial murderers never change and can’t be trusted and can’t be trusted around human life. This man cannot be trusted around animals obviously, and possibly humans.


  18. Does anyone know what is going on with this monster? I have been trying to keep up but am not able to find any info. I tried contacting the petition site & never got a response. If anyone has any sites or anything could they please let me know?


  19. Stephen Clay Romero must be punished to the maximum extent of the law. Today both he and his accomplice plead guilty. Romero has pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty. He is due for sentencing July 30. Lockhart faces up to 18 months in prison at a sentencing hearing scheduled Sept. 17.

    There is still time to PLEASE sign the petition to encourage the courts to assign the maximum penalty of 3 years prison and $100,000 fine.

  20. Thank you for the update Dorothy. I don’t hear much about this case here in Texas & I want to keep in the loop as to what is going on with those total wastes of flesh called Romero & Lockhart (his sister). I truly hope that the Judges listens up to the people & realizes this in not just a slap on the hand offense. Again, Thank you!

  21. I read a news article on page 2 of the Calgary Herald today (i.e. 31 July, 2010) regarding the conviction and sentence for the perpetrator of this crime. I was shocked, appalled and angered that anyone could do this a dog.

    I can’t even start to understand why anyone would do this … I will say a prayer for Buddy at mass tomorrow.

  22. 3 Years is not enough time for this waste of a human body. Lets hope he gets what he deserves in jail. You’d be suprised how many of those big tough guys love animals. Tie a noose around his neck and drag him around the jail yard till he’s dead. Even god said an eye for an eye.
    REST IN PEACE BUDDY. I cried for you and your family today.
    Toronto, Canada

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