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A ‘Nicotine Fit’ Has Caused An 11 Year Old Florida Girl To Set Mom On Fire

A family has been torn apart, in the most extreme manner, all due to a ‘nicotine fit’ brought about due to an argument over a couple of cigarettes.

In Clearwater,Florida today,11-year-old Samantha Broadhead and her 15-year-old boyfriend Jack Ault are accused of attempting to burn Samantha’s mother,Nancy Broadhead, alive, while she slept in her bed, at their house.

Police have been frequently called to the residence for domestic altercations between the daughter and the mom.

Clearwater Police Department detectives say Samantha Broadhead and Ault poured gasoline on the bedroom floor and bed of Samantha’s mother Nancy Broadhead, and then set the room aflame.

Nancy Broadhead, 47, heard the smoke alarm and was able to escape the blaze. She was taken to Tampa General Hospital with serious injuries. Her injuries are serious, but not life threatening.

The daughter eventually returned to the scene of the crime, and agreed to be questioned. During her questioning by the detectives, she explained what she had done to her mother.

The boyfriend Ault was picked up later, hiding at a friend’s house.

The two were charged with attempted murder and arson.

CBS online is reporting that…Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Watts said the motive was “probably just typical teenage angst.”

Watts said there was ongoing tension between Samantha Broadhead and her mother, which escalated Monday when Samantha Broadhead, Broadhead’s mom confronted her about stealing some of her cigarettes.

Samantha Broadhead was placed under the Baker Act for psychiatric assessment. The girl’s boyfriend was transported to the Pinellas County Juvenile Assessment Center.

The boy also faces a grand theft charge in connection to the victim’s stolen car, which was recovered in a Clearwater church parking lot.

I think this highlights the fact that nicotine and cigarettes are way more addictive than heroin,or for that matter, marijuana. Either way, teenagers should not be allowed to use them at all, because their mental make-up is still developing, and why throw in something like nicotine to exacerbate their development.

Sometimes children will make evil decisions, without thinking through the consequences of their actions.

I once had a roommate that would go out in the dead of n the night, in a driving rainstorm, just to purchase a 5 dollar box of smokes, that were just shortening his life.

This case is being blamed on teenage angst, but I say it is a ‘nicotine fit’.

The myth of the ‘nicotine fit’ is a reality.

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Read the full story here….

2 Responses to “A ‘Nicotine Fit’ Has Caused An 11 Year Old Florida Girl To Set Mom On Fire”

  1. Nicotine has crazy affects on a person. So much so, that this girl was willing to kill her own mother over it. THE TIME TO QUIT IS NOW!

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