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5.9 Earthquake Shakes So. California…As I Run Out The House Terrified!!!

Past California Earthquake Aftermath

Past California Earthquake Aftermath

Breaking News- I have just been involved in an earthquake that has shaken San Diego quite violently at about 10:48 am this morning. It was 5.9 on the Richter scale, just big enough to scare us all.

Needless to say, I am heading back to Los Angeles as soon as possible today!!!

I am not afraid of very many things, but ever since the great 1994 Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, I have been experiencing a form of post traumatic syndrome, that causes me to run out of buildings as soon as my mind understands that I am in an earthquake.

Click on this link for more information on the great 1994 quake-,

…and just know that you never want to be woken up  at 4:31am from a dead sleep, by a 6.7 earthquake!!!

Everything in the house fell down then, and no matter what they tell you, I would rather take my chances outside, than in any building, seriously.

Forget about duck and cover, the door jamb, or any other suggestion short of running out the house, clothed or unclothed.

Try surviving a collapsed building that falls on top of you…that is not how I am going out as long as I can run!!!

My father builds commercial structures, so I know how damaging a beam, or even roofing material falling on top of your head can be… I really need to get over this level of terror, but at this point, it is an involuntary reaction.

BNO NEWS is reporting, more calmly than me…

A strong earthquake hit the California-Mexico border on Wednesday, causing buildings in San Diego to sway briefly, officials said.

The earthquake struck about 25 miles southwest of El Centro, California, putting the epicenter just into Mexico.A spokesman for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) put the magnitude at a preliminary 5.9, followed by a moderate aftershock of 4.9 several minutes later.

No tsunami warning was issued following the quake. “The magnitude is such that a tsunami is not expected.

However, in coastal areas of intense shaking, locally generated tsunamis can be triggered by underwater landslides,” the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said in a statement.There were no immediate reports of casualties following the earthquake, which happened at 10.49 a.m. local time.

Read more: portal/world/strong-earthquake-shakes-california-mexico-border_100296873.html#ixzz0bCcDJsRE

Protect your neck people!!!…that was not my idea of fun at all….

This is some raw, at the moment, emotions from me, and blogging about this is helping to calm me down, but my blood pressure is still elevated, and I am hyperventilating…

…I am just kidding, but, I was pretty scared.

Let me know your comments on this post….would you prefer to deal with our frequent California Earthquakes, or, a hurricane, tornado, or east coast style blizzard?

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