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NJ Dad Finally Gets His Son Back From His Kidnapping In Brazil

David Goldman will  have a Merry Christmas as he finally has won his five-year international custody legal battle and has been reunited with his now 9-year old son, Sean Goldman.

Sean was taken away from his father by his mother Bruna Bianchi, by lying about a trip to visit her relatives in her native country of Brazil, for what was to be a two-week visit in 2004.

She remained in Brazil and remarried, keeping Sean with her,which is a kidnapping.

She tragically died in child-birth, and it has been reported that Bianchi made her new husband promise to keep Sean in Brazil, for some unknown reason.

Even after her death the family in Brazil would not release Sean to his father,and relentlessly fought to keep Sean in bondage away from his loving and kind American father.

The Brazilian family was very indignant and spiteful after losing the custody battle, and set out to make today’s release of Sean as much of a media spectacle as possible.

The Bianchi family maintained it would traumatize Sean if he was removed from what has been his home for five years,and they kept that reprehensible promise.

Their torture of Sean by parading him through the phalanx of media should be vilified, and shunned by all civilized human beings on the planet.

That is hate, not love!

Sean was seen crying as his step-father helped him through the crowd as guards had to “violently push back photographers and TV cameramen,”

Sean Goldman Rescued From Brazilian Kidnappers By His Dad.

Sean Goldman Rescued From Brazilian Kidnappers By His Dad.

Reuters is reporting that…at times, Sean covered his face from cameras. His teary-eyed Brazilian grandmother, who has campaigned publicly for the right to raise the boy herself and appealed to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to intervene, entered separately without comment.

Goldman, who has seen Sean only in brief visits to Brazil since 2004, cried out, “They’re hurting my son!” upon seeing the scrum, a witness said.

Ambassador Hillary Rodham Clinton made the following statement….

“I am thrilled that 9-year-old Sean Goldman was reunited with his father David Goldman earlier today in Rio de Janeiro and that they are flying home to New Jersey,” Clinton said Thursday in a statement.

“I want to thank everyone who helped bring this long process to a successful conclusion, including a number of members of Congress and many concerned parties both here and in Brazil.

“We also appreciate the assistance and cooperation of the government of Brazil in upholding its obligations under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. I offer my warmest wishes for father and son as they celebrate their first holiday season together in five years.”

The Goldman’s arrived back in the USA tonight safely…right in time to celebrate a very Merry Christmas.The Goldman’s will spend their first holiday season together in five years at Disney World.

Good luck to all!!!

Happy Dad and Sean!!!..finally safe at home together.

Happy Dad and Sean!!!..finally safe at home together.


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