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100-year-old sex offender In Buffalo,NY will be free

This story proves the fact that once a pedophile, always a pedophile.

The state of New York is set to release upon the citizens an unrepentant, unapologetic 100-year-old convicted child molester out-of-state custody, so he can prey upon and victimize more innocent young victims, as he has promised to do.

Theodore Sypnier...pedophile

Theodore Sypnier...pedophile

He has pledged to attack his own great-grandchildren, and will petition the state to allow him to be able to have contact with them, as he is currently restricted. He figures that this is the best time to try to get permission from the state to attack them, as they are the ones that are dumb enough to release him, just because he is 100.

Pedophile Theodore A. Sypnier is a century old, but he is highly alert, physically active and very capable of living alone and taking care of himself. He is also physically able to prowl around our neighborhoods to rape, sodomize, and sexually abuse little children.

Sypnier has been in prison for most of the last nine years and is soon to be released into a one-room apartment in Buffalo to live on his own.

If ever there was a person who should be permanently confined, even after serving out his prison term, police and experts say, it is Sypnier.

He has been convicted at least twice of molesting children and suspected in other cases over the last six decades in the Town of Tonawanda and Buffalo, and psychologists, police and others say he is likely to molest children again. reports that…”Mr. Sypnier is the personification of evil and should be removed from civilized society permanently, until the day he dies,” Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita III said. “He is an unrepentant child molester who has been doing this or trying to do this for 60 years. He can’t be cured. He’s not sick. He’s evil. He’s not old. He’s evil.”

The Rev. Terry King, operator of Saving Grace halfway house, said he only allowed Sypnier to stay there because the alternative was a mission where he would have had no supervision for part of the day.

 Authorities have said he will be closely checked when he is in his own apartment.

I wonder how long it will take for him to isolate a child, kidnap, and molest him or her. Only time will tell, but the tragic reality here is that this monster, of any age, will actually be allowed to act upon his evil plan…all with the assistance of the failed New York penal system.

I can only hope that some responsible party in New York will block this release, and allow him to die in prison, out of the reach of the children in our society.

If not, then the blood of his next innocent victim will be on the hands of the State of New York. I don’t care how old he is, he should have been eliminated years ago.

When will we learn…hopefully before this idiot molest another child.

Let me know your reactions here.

The 100 year old pedophile...BEWARE

The 100-year-old pedophile...BEWARE


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