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Woman Kidnapped From Phoenix, Arizona Airport, Found Safe

The Abusive Husband Turned Kidnapper
The Abusive Husband Turned Kidnapper

22-year-old Melissa Rodriguez was kidnapped on Sunday from her job as a contract cleaner at the Phoenix ,Arizona Sky Harbor airport, by her out of control husband,  27-year-old Antonio Rivera

She has been found, and is safe. Click on this link to see a video from a local newscaster in Phoenix… 

Her family says she is two months pregnant and has two other children. 

They were worried about her because her husband has been abusive to her in the past. 

Local Phoenix news channel is reporting that…”Mr. Rivera approached her, grabbed her and then twisted her arm behind her back and escorted her out of the terminal. He forced her into a truck,” said Phoenix Police Department spokesman Tommy Thompson. 

Rodriguez reportedly is in the process of divorcing Rivera and had a restraining order against him,but that did not protect her Sunday from being kidnapped from her job. 

The kidnapping did not involve the Airport, nor did it disrupt any of the flights at the terminal. 

It is being reported that when he twisted her arm, she started screaming, and that brought attention to the incident, and witnesses were able to give very helpful descriptions of the perpetrator, and they were able to get his license plate number, which was broadcasted nationwide over the media. 

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=sky+harbor+airport&iid=2969684″ src=”6/d/5/c/High_Cost_Of_f3e3.jpg?adImageId=8103054&imageId=2969684″ width=”234″ height=”319″ /]

Check more on this story from these sources below…

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