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SNL Tiger Woods And Elin Woods Skit…(Linked)

Saturday Night Live presented a hilarious sketch lampooning the ”trangressions” that Tiger Woods admitted to,right before his wife beat him down with an iron golf club. Watch the full clip on Hulu,by clicking the following link-

In the skit posted here, actor Jason Sudeikis portrayed Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “Situation Room” reporting on a news conference that Woods (played by Kenan Thompson) and his wife (played by host Blake Lively) were holding outside his home.

What happens next is truly a funny take on this sordid affair. That is what comedy is for.

The writers have actually created a skit that Kenan is funny in, and attempts to portray a different character, outside of the same one he always does.Maybe this is the beginning of funny stuff for Kenan to finally be able to do on this show.

Leave it to the comedians at SNL to bring humor to a heavy subject.  Keep up the good work guys,I enjoyed the laugh…

SNL Tiger Woods Skit

SNL Tiger Woods Skit

If the You tube clip is deleted for copyright issues,then check out the skit attached to the article on the link below…

2 Responses to “SNL Tiger Woods And Elin Woods Skit…(Linked)”

  1. That’s some pretty good info right there. I started a site myself about Tiger Woods his affairs: I’ll put a link up to your site!

    • Cool…I liked that link…funny stuff there.
      This came through as Spam, and read like a lot of it…there is not a lot of information on this article, but..
      the links are cool on your comment.
      I am pretty sure you are pushing that diet food,which is okay, but I just hope I don’t get inundated by more Spam….
      Thanks for the relevant Tiger Woods link though…

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