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Chicago Man Charged With Terrorism In Mumbia,India Attack

Mumbia Terror Attack Blast

Mumbia Terror Attack Blast

A man in Chicago has been formerly charged with terrorism for his role in planning an attack on a Danish newspaper that had run a series of cartoons that many in the Muslim world felt disrespected their deity Allah, as well as charged Monday with conducting surveillance on potential targets in the Indian city of Mumbai before terrorist attacks in 2008 that killed 166 people.

Read about the attacks here

As a professional cartoonist/writer myself,I have noticed that fellow comic writers and comedians will not hesitate to demean black and Muslim religion,culture, and race,but will not touch their own.It is known in Hollywood and the comic world that it is alright to disrespect Muslim people and their religion, as well as disrespect anything that African-Americans look at in a special way,like our heros and those that have fought and died for our civil rights,because we have no perceived power or influence here in America, for anyone to care.

Everything is not funny, and when a comedian uses the defense that it is…just a joke, and to …lighten up…that sentiment stops as long as it has nothing to do with their race,culture, or religion.If you don’t belive me, check it out,I think the facts speak for themselves.

Black American Slavery Victims...not funny

Black American Slavery Victims...not funny

The percieved weaker,poorer, races are the targets that these cowards go after, so given that, I find the reaction to the Danish comic to be reasonable and I applaud the protest.You will not be seeing this type of thing from any newspaper again in any part of the world.

Case closed.

The terrorism in Mumbia, India, is not acceptable at all, on any level, for any reason….

Let me know of any Hollywood writer that will find any humor in a joke about Holocaust victims,but I can readily find a multitude of writers that have no problem disrespecting Muslims in America or African-Americans.

Holocaust Victims...not funny

Holocaust Victims...not funny

The Muslims let it be known that they are not having it, and their message has been heard, and it has been effective.I find it troubling that they would be forced to resort to violence over a cartoon, but…since it has been effective, then I applaud their action, just not the illegal terrorism.

It is obviously a reaction to the mental terrorism that a disrespectful cartoon about Allah so obviously is.

Maybe African-Americans need to react in the same manner the next time a comic makes fun of Martin Luther King, or the next time some white person says that any and all of our concerns are ”’a race card issue”.

I just know this…there will be no more stupid cartoons that depict Allah in a base and disrespectful way, and it is my goal that slavery,civil rights, and all of our African-American hero’s of freedom are never minimized  in comics or some stupid comedians jokes. The things we hold to be sacred, will illicit a negative physical outward reaction, if you continue to disrespect them,if you belive them to be sacred or not.

 It all should be respected at the same level of the Holocaust victims…period.It is not benign comedy,but it is blatant disrespect, and people need to think twice, like they do now, if they ever think about making a bad joke about Allah.

Now that’s edgy…

The AP is reporting that…David Coleman Headley, 49, was charged in a 12-count criminal information with six counts of conspiracy to bomb public places in India, to murder and maim people in India and Denmark, to provide material support to foreign terrorist plots and another offenses.

Federal charges were also announced against a retired major in the Pakistani military, Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed, for allegedly taking part in the plot to attack the Danish newspaper out of anger over 12 cartoons published in 2005 depicting the Prophet Muhammad that sparked outrage in the Muslim world.

The charges state that Headly, a US citizen, attended Taliban terrorist training in Pakistan earlier in the decade operated by Lashkar e Taiba – a group that specializes in violent attacks on targets in India.

Mumbia Terrorism...not funny or acceptable

Mumbia Terrorism...not funny or acceptable

India and Pakistan are engaged in ongoing violence against each other, and the two countries are nuclear powers. The country of Pakistan as well as Bangladesh,were created from India as a Muslim country, because of the inability of the Hindus and Muslims to live peacefully among each other.

I have worked in India, and in my opinion, a little religious tolerance and freedom from both countries would be a better solution than separation and religious intolerance.

The US attorney in charge of this investigation states that the case remains ”active”, and that he anticipates more charges and arrest as this terrorist conspiracy grows, which means that there are more foreign terrorist living among us here in America.

A team of prosecutors and FBI agents will keep seeking charges against other people responsible for the attacks.

Murder and Persecution of Muslim Women...not funny

Murder and Persecution of Muslim Women...not funny

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  1. Great article. Very well done.

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